Kibera: a new tourist attraction

As predicted earlier when Chris Rock became yet another celebrity to visit Kenya’s largest slum it has now deteriorated to a point where a company owned by a Kenyan is offering ‘slum tours’.

Ladies and Gentlemen Maasai Mara is out, Kibera is in!

For those who feel empty; so blessed while the rest of the world is suffering; gather your pity filled backpack and head to the great Kibera slum.

“For where else can one see it all in one simple stop? The Aids victims dying slowly on a cold, cardboard bed. The breast less teenager. … Plastic-eating goats fighting small children … and — ah yes — the famous ‘shit-rolls-downhill-flying-toilets’. It is unbeatable.” Sarcastically summarized by a Kenyan columnist.

If this slum tourism business does not piss your guts off, I urge you to please turn in your Kenyan passport and or ID to the proper authorities. It is disgusting, inexcusable and down right inhuman.

I hope the slum tourists get all their pity filled pockets emptied by the ‘subjects’ they observer on their grand tour.

What is next? A museum in a western city where ‘conditions of poverty as observed in Africa’s slums’ is replicated with a portion of concession fees going toward the poverty political rhetoric campaign.

Fuck this shit! Now my Friday vibe is messed up.


11 thoughts on “Kibera: a new tourist attraction

  1. slums tour?

    C’mon whats to stop the residents from jacking them up?

    I for one will feel no sympathy if any of them got robbed.

    This is beyond silly.

  2. @msanii-same feeling here, they should get robbed.
    @69M – thanks for the link. I still can’t believe this ati “to sample first-hand the difficulties faced by the poor in Africa’s Cities” its sickening!

  3. Good looks for the address. I sent the fuckers an email on their feedback.

    Since does someone else’s mis-fortune , become a must see tour.


  4. i thought even SA have a tour of soweto? granted soweto cannot be compared with kibera but i know there is even a chopper ride over soweto. its one of the tourist attractions. soweto is a gheto by SA standards. the other one that you get encouraged to visit is alexandaria.

  5. There are no shacks or raw sewage in soweto, Alex, tembisa, katlehong, shoshaguve just to name a few. There are beautiful and big houses in all these townships with running water and non interrupted electricity supply unlike kibera. U can’t compare, NEVER. Its sick and disgusting for victoria safaris to make money out of peoples suffering in Kibera. Im gonna write to these SUCKERS and tell them exactly how I feel.

  6. Touring a slum? I think it’s b.s. unless a person is personally involved in a project there. And I don’t mean just giving money but actual action.

    Your comment about the museum in a western city just reminded me of something I learned in history class. Ati, back in 1904 the U.S. hosted a World Fair in St Louis to show off their achievements in science, trade, inventions, etc and they had Native Americans on display in their natural habitat and dress as part of the exhibit. Very tragic, this act strips away the last shred of dignity that a person may possess.

  7. I am the General Manager of Victoria Safaris and wish to put a few points across. Please note that having stayed in the Slums of Kibera in my youth I am averse to making money from the poor.

    The Kibera Tour is not about making money but about highlighting the plight of the poor and getting people to try and change the circumstances of these less fortunate individuals.

    Incidentally all the money made from the tour is handed back to the travelers by the company during the tour. They then discuss and decide who among the people they visited should be the beneficiary of their visit.

  8. Mr. Asudi,
    Thanks for the comment. Is it your argument is that the tour is actually a charitable one?

    Doesn’t it bother you that you give the power to the ‘tourists’ to decide who gets the money of the ‘people’ they have seen on their tour?

    Enlighten me Mr Asudi but does it make any sense to take money from the tourists only to give it back to them later?

    I have to say I am not convinced that this tour is indeed a genuine charity to the people of Kibera.

    Of course you have no obligation to explain to me or anyone else the details of your company / charity.

  9. Thanks for your further query in regard to slum tours. If you check on our website you will notice that we are selling new products that have never before been sold in Kenya with a special leaning on ecotourism whose aim is to have a positive impact on both the environment and the people.

    Most people who live in Nairobi and other regions of Kenya do not know how “the other side” lives. When we talk of these slum tours it is as though it is strictly for the foreigner traveling to Kenya. The reality on the ground is that our firm is highlighting the need to give to the poor among domestic tourists and local corporate clients.

    Our experience shows that the best way to emphasize the numerous problems that the people of the slums face is for the travelers who are on the tour to debate among themselves and choose, from a plethora of needs, which one is most deserving of their contribution.

    You are welcome to come on this tour and see the psychological impact that this has on the people on the trip. You cannot go back home and forget about Kibera Slums but will be compelled to go back again and again and contribute to the well being of these people.

    Incidentally we are charging US$25 for the four hour trip with the clients paying US$5 directly to the guides and security teams who take them on the safari. These are local people staying within the slums.

  10. Mr. Asudi, thanks again for the explanation. When I visit home I will take the tour and judge for myself what impact it has on the ground.

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