In case You Missed This!

V-Day passed. Seems like there is an anti valentine day vibe in the Kenya’s blogosphere. How many roses died this week for a redundant ‘aaawww, oh my god, you remembered, you’re soooo sweeeet’ plastic moments? Overrated?

Anna Nicole is still dead, RIP. But seriously how much more publicity can a class b celebrity whose only claim to fame is a slutty career garner? Plus there are about 5 guys claiming to be the father of her baby. One journalist described her as full of life with a genuinely kind heart. Let’s add sexually generous to that, aka slut, shall we?

Moving on…snow decided to cover most of the US this week. All I can say is that the media needs to shut up on weather already, what the hell is supposed to happen during winter, heat waves? I can see the snow outside myself you do not need to report beside a snow covered car in boots and red coat (coz its valentine) for me to get the point.

Moving on again…Barack Obama, Jack Bauer, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle are all offically in the Democratic Party race for President. Anyway I hope Clinton wins I just can’t imagine how much fun he will have this time in the white house.

Sure its not him, no? Oh the two term thingie, ok Hillary it is then. Anyway I am sure Bill will not let that opportunity go to waste. ‘Hello Monica 2008, this is a cigar and my name is Bill’ welcome to the white house.

In Kenya ODM welcomed Wanjiru, her money and followers as she vies for MP in Starehe. Am I confused or didn’t this woman call someone a ‘jigger infested drunkard’ a few weeks ago? Yet Raila and Kalonzo sit beside her in a press conference. Only in Kenya!

For good measure, this post is dedicated to the memory of this boy.


3 thoughts on “In case You Missed This!

  1. VDay has always bored the crap out of me esp the over-commercialized aspect of it…
    Boy don’t I feel you on the Anna Nicole thing…LET HER REST ALREADY!

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