Are you ready to accept this Christ?

The man to the left is none other than Jesus Christ himself. At least that is what he refers to himself as.

The Puerto Rican born ‘leader’ is owner and overseer of Growing in Grace International Ministry.

His selling point?

There is no sin and no satan as people are predestined to be saved.

And as the ‘second coming’ of christ who are we to doubt him. Obviously as is with all the evangelical ministry, a strong cult like following allows for his lavish lifestyle.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda will end up with a good number of followers if he keeps telling them to do whatever it is they want since there is no sin. An immoral world with God’s approval?? Sounds enticing but I will pass on this one.

Of course his flock of followers will end up drinking kool aid with rat poison in anticipation of the end of the world. Meanwhile de Jesus will just skip the event and disappear into retirement.

What a world we live in!

Have a good God fearing weekend everyone.

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