the golden years

Anyone remembers kurutuka’ing with a kibuyu cut in half and letting all worries loose as their veered their down a slope?

Back when we used to watch rainbow colors before the national anthem came on and KBC service started? When KTN was the only other channel and half the time it wasn’t clear?

And the grey socks with two stripes at the top that every primo in Kenya was required to wear? Of course the color of the stripes depended on which school one attended.

When every news program started with ‘Mutukufu rais Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, Leo alifungua….etc”

When back to school meant new Bata shoes…

When we used to wait eagerly for the cool and refreshing Nyayo milk on Fridays? Before rumors had it that it had pins, but we still kunywad it despite warning from our paros.

When “good morning Mrs. ‘Mukami’” while standing and in unison was the only way to welcome a teacher into class?

When barbers were under strict instructions that they will not be paid unless a superior ‘box’cut was achieved?

Back when schools girls used to giggle and warn each other ‘PHD’, not knowing that we figured what that meant after some time.

Back when girls actually used to wear Petticoats as part of underwear?

When we used to pass a mantle when anyone was caught for speaking anything other than proper engo in school?

When the rumor of someone jetting off abroad spread across villages like bush fire?

When Kimbo was the only cooking fat, and kids used to glow in the midday sun as Vaseline Premium Jelly added a layer of shine on their faces?

Back when Sunday best could NOT be worn any other day unless it was a wedding, family visit etc.

the good old times, i miss them days!

6 thoughts on “the golden years

  1. oh how we miss those blissfull ignorant days, standing attention to sing the national anthem as the TV broadcast kicked in

  2. I miss those days 🙂 the last time i wore a petticoat was 10 years ago!Kimbo…LOL one time my granny’s mboch in shags used it to hot comb my hair. I reeked of chapo but my hair was looking fly! Vaseline wasnt only used to shine them faces but also shoes-but you had to be careful not to get sand on your shoes, they would look like eeeeeek!

  3. Yeah good ol’ days…
    PHD…hated those kamisi za half.
    Remember the school bags that were made of Canvas n green in colour…

    n how we cld not stand next 2 sme1 of the opposite sex lest pple laugh at…

    Climbing trees…cant believe i used 2 be a tomboy. i had fun though.

  4. @future diplomat, i think those days kids were dandaz coz how do you stand attention infront of a TV? Kids today are using nanos by age 3, times have changed.
    chatterly, did you ever see a metal cup with holes at the bottom which women used in shagz as a hot iron, good there were no fires started.
    @unyc…thanks for reminding me about climbing trees, we used to terrorize our neighbors farms for fruits, good times.
    by the way those canvas bags never wore out, they must have been military grade

  5. How about the games like Tapo (and its infamous variant, Tapo ya Mkebe), the ever popular Shake (why was it called that?), Bladder and Kati for the chicks, Bano (with its deep vocabulary featuring words like trizecks, mujaribus, crackis-no-mpayis, the latter usually uttered in a high-pitched voice as the speaker menaced your “bano” with one twice the size!), Safo (coinciding with the Sfari Rally every Easter featuring a mysterious “points” system and cars of every sort: from a simple karatasi-ya maziwa-na-tyre-za-patipati construction to state-of-the-art tin and wire monsters fitted with battery-powered lights), Tangulia, Tick-Tack etc.

    In Buru we used to have soccer games that lasted several hours, with more than the FIFA-recommended number of players involved, and a pair of stones at each end to serve as goalposts. And the field was simply a stretch of tarmac. Kuchimba (when your big toe made painful and bloody contact with the tarmac after a wild swing at the perfectly round manila-and-juala ball)was the norm.

    Them was certainly good days!

  6. Oh yeah, I remember those days… KBC has come a long way. We used to watch all kinds of documentaries coz nothing else was on.
    Nyayo milk tasted so good!

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