Side to Side, a T movement

Jana I was walking behind this jungu chile at job and I noticed something really peculiar.

Assuming N is neutral position, R represents distance to the right and L is distance to the left, here is the observation. Please note that the object T (for tanye) is a typical jungu tanye. No Serena genes in this family.

Anyway from position N this chilez tanye was swinging at least 6 inches to R, then back to N and immediately another 6 inches to L.

In one step and thus a full swing this tanye was covering a distance L to R of 12 inches. My friends, that is quite a radius to cover with any T, least be it a jungu one.

And of course as a keen observer of the swing movement, I immediately checked the heel size to see if there is a ‘lift’ contributing to the motion and thrust to cover so much distance.

To my amazement no high heels here, just a pure work of a well orchestrated tanye movement. Wow!

In other news ANS is still not buried. And you know shit has hit the fan when the judge presiding your case starts crying and asks everyone to solve their own shidas. Poor Ana when will they let her body rest in peace.

Oh and all those K-Fed jokes everyone was passing around, well marry Britney and you are sure to laugh last. Where to start with Britney?

She first gave people a good glimpse of her shaven uummm…peach? Then she shaved again….her head this time and has since checked to rehab.

And I feel sorry for her coz I don’t think there is any rehab that can reverse a no talent, overrated, trailer trash, behavioral problem?

Now K-Fed is the responsible one and will be taking care of the kidos while Ms. Spears recovers.

A challenge, if anyone observes a T movement covering more than 12 inches in swing from L to R, please document evidence and challenge this jungu chile.

Have a peaceful weekend everyone.

10 thoughts on “Side to Side, a T movement

  1. You have to assume vector quantities, not scalar, when you deal with tanyes … otherwise you can be deceived, specially by jungu T’s.

    The overall displacement [not distance] is ZERO…nada. IF a tanye makes equidistant sideway swings, without bobbling up and down (the true T-test).

    Such swings are said to be pre-meditated, or in Swahili, Kazi Bure … therefore presenting illusions of grandeur to a keen eye like yours …

    Did you see any bobbling (like Serena Williams @ the Australian Open?), that is the key question.

  2. HAHAHA…Tanye story tooooo funny man!
    As for ANS the entire ordeal is just disgusting to me. The media sure know how to take a story and run with it. Why not let her rest in peace for crying out loud…enough already!!!

  3. ive chekad!you my friend have interesting hobbies! lakini nothing can shinda a mwafrikas vectors, parabolas na kadhalika (si even me i know this jargon) have a nice day!

  4. Thats sme crazy ish man!!! LMAO. !2 inches L n R…

    As 4 Britania…Britney…she needs divine intervention. She’s losing it pole pole…wonder what she’ll do next….prob chop off her boobies..

  5. lol mwangi, not enough booty for bobbling on this one. @quint..,ma-shady,princess,unyc,klara
    thanx for stopping by and enjoying the laugh.
    as for Britney I am just waiting for her to declare something crazy like she is a lezi and likes young indian chilez or like unyc said chop her boobies off. I am crossing my fingers for the lezie story though!

  6. T movement! Dude, you gone killed me! And Mwangi has just made it right. Haki next time i walk i will analyse – ati for T-movement, vector quantities, bobbing and overall displacement.


  7. I feel bad for Britney. I believe she’s talented in her type of pop performance. I think it’s natural for young people to go through emotionally turbulent times–even if they’re celebz. Marrying K-fed and getting his kids was the beginning of her downward spiral.

  8. “Marrying K-fed and getting his kids was the beginning of her downward spiral.”

    Am not saying K-Fed was a model husband, but surely it’s not his fault that Britney has come to this

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