Death is no Joke

Have you ever asked yourself why people fear dying? Well I have and here is a working list of the reasons.

First and most important no one I know has ever resurrected and truth be told I have a feeling I won’t be the second after Jesus. Simply because JC was the son of God and as much as I know I am not.

Then I don’t like surprises and I am certain that there isn’t a bigger one than ‘hey you’re dead my friend’. That is of course assuming there is life after death and hopefully it’s an angel tapping your back, telling you that you have made it. The worst would be to die and then go to hell. I couldn’t take such a rude awakening.

Of course because of God’s blessings I am well aware that it is a 50/50 shot to make it for most of us. That is why I always tell my friend either way it pans out; reserve a good table for us.

Worst case scenario we end up not in heaven, we can get some mash mellows, warm up some hot chocolate and make a very long evening out of it. They say you can make any place a party as long as you have your friends!

Then the other day am watching TV and this guy has the audacity to proclaim “since that incident I am no longer afraid of death”, I was like WTF? I had to hold myself back from planting my hand through the tv and smacking the sense into this idiot. I don’t care what he was smoking during the interview; you just don’t utter such a useless statement!

I tell you there is no fine line between dying and surviving. It is as clear as day and night. You are either dead or alive! So this guy needs to die first then come back and explain what he is not afraid of.

Oh then there is Life! I don’t know about you but if you are not having the time of your life alive, I feel sorry my friend. Life is seriously the shit! I can’t imagine doing anything else.

And leave the promise of heaven to someone else, as mentioned earlier it is 50/50. I am not saying f*ck heaven in any way, shape or form; I was taught better plus obviously I would rather reside there should…

Anyway mine is a humble prayer to God that He/She delays my expiry date for as long as possible. I figure I am on track for 65 plus or minus 15. As long as I will be healthy and in charge of my own bathing / shitting schedule, why don’t we make it to 80 plus maybe 10, 15 20…am pushing it? Sorry.

Thanks God, this is why you and I will always be tight.


4 thoughts on “Death is no Joke

  1. What hpnd 2 trigger this issue of Life n Death?
    Anyway, I fear death…esp if it threatens 2 come in my ealry life. I always pray that I at least get 2 c my kids grow up, prosper in their careers, and get married. Thats my only wish 2 God. I will die happy.
    As for now that am alive, Live life 2 the fullest. LIve each day like its ur last. 90% of my tyme is that, so far no regrets…apart from 1 which am working on…hehee
    I always wonder what happens when pple die…Does their spirit hover around us?

  2. unyc, nothing in particular triggered it really just random thoughts.
    I believe when someone dies their spirit lives on. Maybe hovering around us or in a ‘spirit world’.
    good luck on getting over you 1 regret.

  3. Interesting…for some reason I’ve pondered death and it’s meaning…and for some stranger reason, I’ve never been afraid of death. My fear is that one of my family will die before me!

  4. @ unyc: lol @ u’ll die happy – u think so…? ever wondered why nobody dies smiling? I think its coz noone can swallow they are going …

    Me i’d rather stay alive and do things to help society – that’s always my goal – i’d feel very wasted if my destiny was to die tender, without accomplishing nada that peeps will remember you 4 when you die … but then again it happens 2 people all the time, i just thank my maker 4 every new day that i live to see …

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