The Power of Prayer

It goes without say that I am shaky when it comes to religion. However I have never wavered in my trust in God. There has to be another reason to everything on earth other than the big bang.

Anyway today I have to say I am impressed by the power of prayer. I prayed hard and numerous times for a favor from God and it was not only answered but rather quickly.

Of course I have prayed before – though I insist on not bothering God on every little thing – and yes I have been answered many a times.

However makes today’s answer special is because this particular request ranks in the top 1 percentile of prayers I have wanted a quick and favorable answer.

Thank you, I am a witness!

10 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

  1. It’s amazing when you get a quick response to prayer. I believe in it though sometimes I edge towards being agnostic. Still the idea that my peroz pray for me gives me confidence.

  2. I believe in the power ofprayer n i do it everyday.
    God saved us from an obvious car crash on the 1st of Jan this yr.
    He hs answered my prayers alot.

  3. I 2 believe in da Power of Prayers na sio ati nini Bt He has given me strenght In tryin times!!
    So Big ups 4 dis Post!!

  4. thanks glo, klara, ma-shady & analyst for the reassurance.
    @gnd…I also edge towards being agnostic sometimes but a reality check always leads me back to believing there is God.
    @unyc many people have acknowledged God saving them from catastrophic accidents. What I wonder is that for those who pass on, does it mean God didn’t answer their prayers. Or their time had just fikad?

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