America’s obsession

Do you breathe, laugh, cry, walk, run, smile and or sleep?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are showing symptoms of a disease suffered by more than half of America’s population.

And seventy five percent of the half who answered our questionnaire does not even know they are victims.

If you have trouble sleeping we have a pill for that. If you are sleeping too much, well, we have a pill to keep you awake and alert.

Recent research studies by Dr. Paid for Opinion at the prestigious University of Pharmaceutical Marketing, has concluded that most Americans suffer from some kind of symptom that needs a daily dosage of something.

If you are not sure whether you need any medication, we are here advising that you probably do.

Dr. Paid for Opinion recommends that every once in a while a healthy adult should walk into the pharmacy and randomly pick some kind of medicine.

It is the only way to guarantee sanity in a fast paced materialistic world that will not forgive anyone who does not over indulge.

Are you just going to be satisfied with being healthy, alive and well? We did not think so thus we recommend you take at least one pill daily.

Be it cialis, vitamins, oxygen infused water pill, .025% skim milk alternative, fiber, food that contains fiber & vitamins…our list is endless.

Only in America. Buy and change your life today!

5 thoughts on “America’s obsession

  1. We will in a pill popping culture. From vitamins to stimulants, name it. I’m not sure how many tablets the average american consumes.
    Let me add that I have 3 bottles of supplements that I’ve been taking irregularly for the last couple of years. That reminds me to check their expiry dates.

  2. I so agree.

    Pharmaceutical companies come up with random diseases just so that they can sell the drugs. True Story

  3. @ssembonge…I bet everyone’s medicine cabinet has expired supplements or pills in it. what are the supplements for?
    mbuff, what I wonder is why pharmaceutical try to sell drugs for non existing diseases while the haven’t found cures for aids, cancer or even common cold!

  4. They made up one just yesterday:

    “Oppositional Dysfunction Disorder”

    And a parent used this to release their kids to the custody of the state!!
    That’s just a lack of beating as a kid …

  5. How true how true…and they wondered why there’re so many chemically imbalanced folk walking the land!

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