Save Darfur

By now everyone has seen campaigns by the Save Darfur and by the One organization. Attention to Darfur is obviously needed to stop the ongoing genocide. Celebrities and common folk alike are doing a commendable job by bringing this genocide to light.

And as much as their campaign is necessary, we cannot ignore the importance of a political solution in bringing this genocide to an end. The bottom line is that Sudan’s government has to be pressured to stop the genocide. A comprehensive UN led peace keeping force also has to be part and parcel of the solution.

I have had arguments regarding the responsibility of the West and China in Darfur. China holds financial keys to pressuring through sanctions because of its importance in Sudan export market. The US on the other hand remains a great influence on the toothless United Nations and their urge for action in Darfur would yield positive results.

Meanwhile I am left wondering out loud, where Africa and its leaders is in the time of need for Darfur.

Africa has been overlooked in its irresponsibility and lack of action when it comes to solving crisis on the continent. In my estimation African leaders and the AU should be up in arms demanding an end to this genocide. Instead Sudan even had the audacity to seek chairmanship of the AU while the Darfur crisis was ongoing.

In hindsight as much as the Rwandese genocide was blamed on non action by the UN and US, we (Africans) have to start taking our share of blame and responsibility.

Yes China and the US can put pressure on Bashir by imposing economic sanctions. And maybe the UN will put genocide in its list of priorities. But when will our dependence on foreign intervention ever end?

Africa and its problems will never be priorities in the governments of Asia and the West. The UN is an organ greatly influenced by the same Western and Asian powerful nation. Just note how quickly the UN enabled UNIFIL to combat the humanity crisis arising from the Israel-Lebanon conflict in 2006? Obviously through their inaction Southern Sudan is no Lebanon.

And when nearly a million innocent citizens in the Darfur region are raped, mutilated and killed; and while most of the world lays silent as another genocide occurs hardly a decade after the Rwanda; we, Africans must take action.

This genocide will not fall on the shoulders of foreigners. It is our continent, it is our responsibility.

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