A He / She experiment

I was watching TV last night and came across this interesting story on ABC.

The jist of this story is that the writer goes undercover as a guy to see what life is like on the other side of the gender divide’.

Several thoughts on this…

First if the experiment was done by a guy, I bet good money that he would be perceived as another pervert trying to exploit women.

Also he would have had to be gay since I don’t think any female would buy for 18 months a straight guy faking his gender. Norah, the lady in this experiment is a lesbian.

Second why did she expect guys to be ‘egotistic, rude, unwelcoming’ etc? Is this how women view men?

She says…“Men are suffering. They have different problems than women have, but they don’t have it better,” she said. “They need our sympathy. They need our love, and maybe they need each other more than anything else.”

I ask which men are suffering? True we do need women’s love, sympathy from women wouldn’t kill us either especially if it yielded a good amount of S.E.X.

But men needing each other more than anything else?

Let me speak for all straight men; we are very OK with the closeness or lack thereof as it is. Any more closeness will earn a straight man a non reversible gay conduct membership.

Another interesting note from this storo, as Norah was trying to date as a guy, there were straight women who wanted to continue dating – sexually- even after He had revealed to them he was a She.

I say interesting because this the exact kind of kindness we need from women. If they are at all interested in ending our ‘suffering’ below are two suggestions.

Men will take your sympathy in equal sexual value; solving emotions by talking is really not necessary.

Now if that sympathy could be rendered by two women at the same time; we swear there will be no men ‘suffering’, EVER.

pic courtesy of google images. story on abc here.

8 thoughts on “A He / She experiment

  1. I need to know where these suffering men are, so I can head out there and rough them up. Tell ’em to man up kidogo. They must be in Ohio or San Francisco – just guessing. The view of a man, as told by a woman pretending to be a man is as ludicrous and propostrous as ODM Kenya – I don’t know it just is.

  2. magaidi, good to see that its just not me who sees ODM Kenya as a makeshift presidential pretenders league.

  3. 3N (body builders nini? unakumbuka maenzi za manori? LOL) that indeed is a hilarious story. ata sijui niseme. we suffering.

    and make that 3, for the ODM saga.

    ulitembea na tukashukuru.

  4. hmmm.heh!well, i agree that first of all a lesbian trying to find out what life is like as i guy is just plain weird.
    but as for suffering? what do you mean…i dont know, it has been said that more guys these days are surrounding themselves with chic pals,asking them about things that only guys would understand and then following their advice and such.portent of things to come?
    aaah,i don’t know if i’ve read it wrong, but if the ‘best’ kindness is of the sexual variety…i find that sad.anyway…

  5. Call it wierd what was running in her mind surely? Ati men suffering from marasmus or what? Sick people.

  6. Ok! I gotta be allowed to LOL, even when some see no humour here!
    Ati Men need what?? Ati by doing what??
    I had no idea! LOL

  7. reality tv at its best– is what this is. Lakini there is good male actors who are not necessarily gay who can act like women. 🙂

    Nice weekend!

  8. modoathii welcome to the anti-ODM camp.

    @mamashady its not sad…just the way maisha is, lol. anyway those guys having gal pals need to be investigated they might be up to something mischievous.

    Nakeel, leave the lesbian chile alone I don’t know which men are suffering.

    @Klara good that you see the humor in this. I couldn’t stop laughing when the chile proclaimed men needed more intimacy with each other…maybe the sympathy lakini intimacy, aaih she is way off.

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