March Madness, America’s BS and ODM Drama

First of all I am still speechless from the Barca / Madrid game last weekend, simply Classic.

Then last night Mavs and Suns meet for a hard fought double overtime for the game of the season.

If that was a preview of the playoffs NBA fans are due for a treat. I still insist that Pistons will win the championship though. And on that note f*ck Miami!

Alafu March Madness starts right now. As usual one of my brackets has the Spartans going ALL THE WAY. With good reason my Spartan bracket is a freebie, as in no money bet on it; I am a loyal fan and all but when there is a chance to win $300 I put my money where my bills are.

Other tidbits

Is there any point of ‘bless you’ when someone coughs? I just don’t get it; don’t tell anyone and don’t expect it from anyone. If I could bless people ovyo ovyo don’t you think I would start with myself. Maybe it’s my non participation of all things cliche but seriously I don’t get it.

In Kenyan news the ODM soap opera is one episode away from being cancelled. I kinda feel bad for ODM, one day everyone is wearing Orange t-shirts and joining in the chorus of ‘Kibaki Must Go’; the next Bishop Deya of the miraculous babies’ fame is serving Raila dinner in London while Ruto Kalonzo and the rest mull over their next fake show of solidarity.

I bet two of the contenders from ODM will join Kibaki’s side when it’s all said and done. I would put my money on Uhuru, Ruto or Mudavadi.

Now onto to March madness. Good luck to anyone playing and Long live the Mighty SPARTANS.

13 thoughts on “March Madness, America’s BS and ODM Drama

  1. Ati fuck Miami….haiya!!!

    Thot i ws the only one who dint understand where the ‘bless u’ ish when u sneeze came from.

    Those photo’s for Raila n one Deya pissed me off!! KWani Raila wants a miracle baby for elections? What business did he hv meetin that Deya..

  2. hehehe.. Barca!! OUT!!
    Agh!! kumbe we’re many who don’t understand the role of “bless you’ in a sneeze. I never see the relation, but somehow.. everyone seems to use it.. (clarification) i ain’t everyone… hihihi

  3. mwangi, i will take a ‘bless you’ if you can’t wish luck.

    @unyc kwani what team do you support? do i hear Pistons and or Lakers?

    Raila has no shame taking pictures with deya, I am sure the ‘bishop’ promised him a miracle because that is exactly what he would need to become Kenya’s prezo.

  4. MARCH MADNESS ROCKS!!!…I’ve finally made my bracket selections…may the best man win is all I’m saying

  5. on Raila and Deya— aaachhhooo (please say Bless you)

    And is herethe origin of bless you, something to do with the plague and the Pope. These days its just for good manners 🙂

  6. Quintessence (aki hii jina will have to be shortened to something like quintie) anyway may the best man be me.
    did you know the odds of filling out a perfect bracket is 1 to 18.5 quintillion. think of it this way you are 60 billion more times likely to win in the lottery than get this thing right. I will settle for best in our pool though.

    Majonzi, iyo link ime-expire. By the way I still don’t get how it could be bad manners not to tell anyone bless you when they cough. I guess it’s a habitual thing for most people.

  7. when someone coughs i usually say kufa…it works. they are too shocked to cough again. can’t risk blessing them with more coughs/sneezes.

    3n, link works just fine. kwani yours has a sell-by date?

  8. I love Barca n was sad when we got Kicked out!! Bt that game was well played atleast!!
    My boss loves that “Bless u” thing so whenever I cough or sneeze..I get that! almost Immedietely! So I regard myself full of Blessings!!
    Good Luck!

  9. Modoathii, the link works lakini there is no article for ‘bless you’ on wiki.
    I like kufa too, can’t wait for the next person to cough then hit them with kufa. Since I jobo with jungu’s I ‘kufa’ is Swahili’s equivalent of bless you.

    Klara thanks for the luck though Wisconsin & Texas have already fcked up my brackets.

    You know the good thing that came out of the barca game; Chelsea doesn’t have to face barca in UEFA. Since man-useless has already summarized the English premier league, UEFA is ours for the taking.

  10. this bless you thing cam about during the plague..(not sure abt tha year) As in if you sneezed those days you were told ‘bless you’ in the hope that tha plague had not caught up with you. Ok some english person explained but I was listening sana! I hope I have shed kidogo light on tha….

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