I have to confess there are two shows I never thought I could sit and watch, American Idol and 24.

American idol for obvious reasons – too cliché, too teenie etc. But for 24, I don’t know why I missed it, yani this show is just too intense, too suspenseful, too good for TV. I can’t get enough.

I still feel guilty coz of watching American Idol, but I am comforted by the fact there are 30 million of us watching it.

And can someone please explain how Sanjaya is still standing? The guy can’t sing plus I haven’t seen anyone gayer looking since Prince performed during the super bowl.

I swear the dictionary should be revised to read Sanjaya instead of gay. If a miracle happens and in fact he is not, then he owes GLAAD an apology.

And if anyone runs into Randy Jackson, please tell him this; if he yells out one more ‘yo, yo, yo, dude, check this out’ I will reach through my TV screen and bitch slap the hell out of his sorry ass. If only I could afford another tv…

You know who else needs a bitch slap? K-fed and Britney’s lawyers!

How dare they settle so quickly the divorce? I was ready for a long mudslinging court battle. I am sure the storos would have been so juicy.

How else are we supposed to find out if Britney actually did it with Paris. I hate assuming things….

Last but not least, Raila’s Hummer. First and foremost I am depressed that a whole nation has chosen to get this hummer into the headlines.

And then they have the audacity to lie to us that it’s worth $590 K, my ass!

Unless the hummer doubles as an anti-ballistic missile system or is the second coming of JC, a 590K price tag is as real as Dolly Parton’s jugga jiggies.

And we all know how real those twins are.

Okay, last item, ulevi inc related; didn’t know that the Belgians can brew some good beer.

Amstelizi your stay at the apex of beer-dom is being challenged by one sexy Stella, last name Artois (pronounced toi, like a little baby).

I have informed the relevant contacts at Amstelizi that they either step their game up or my inverse sponsorship will now belong to one Stella.

That’s that for leo, good weekend everyone.

5 thoughts on “Oh…Stella!

  1. On britney …I can see you love some dirt. Glad they’v gone their separate way.

    You love American idol/ Ok love is too strong a word..you watch that show…eh…hata mimi. I miss most of it but there is a website…sanjaya is still there? Ooooo Noooo! I heard on radio there’s a dj asking guys to keep him in. Honestly he cant sing..it must reflect on Simon, mr yo yo dude and that other woman..its soo late cant remember her name..those guys picked him so they shouldnt blame America for keeping him in.

    Let me erect my tent here (your blog) I have started camping..

  2. hahah!24…bado sitawatch!but yes..i do confess, i am a mild american idol groupie(sigh).im still baffled by the whole sanjaya business!doesnt make sense!someones paying people to vote for him.ai…i dont get it!
    as for britney…ai, didnt expect you to be fuataing her story’s:)shes getting divroced?!
    good weekend to you too!

  3. @farmgal, karibu. Paula, the other woman looks so plastic. Simon since to be the only one with sense on this show. I don’t know how far the sanjaya story will go but if he wins that the end of AI.

    @mama-shady, I challenge you to watch 2 episodes of 24. You will be salivating waiting for the 3rd one. Where do I register to get paid to vote for this sanjaya, only in stato can something this crazy happen.

    @Aegeus, the hummer is just a publicity stunt. I am surprised he has topped Kalonzo in the polls for ODM leadership.

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