April fooled!

On Saturday after the hanye we head home kama kawaida. For some reason though we got home early and since I have an allergy against sleeping early on Satos, I decided to go hanya.

So I get to my friends apartment and in the course of the night I realized April fools day had fikad. With my wisdom, I sms my bro and lie that I am on my way to Delaware and I will be back either late Sunday evening or on Monday.

I don’t like driving let alone at 2am in the night and 2 hours away so I know for sure, this lie will truly get them confused. Plus I do not anyone in Delaware.

My bro texts back and asks “what the hell are you going to Delaware to do”. I ignore his text knowing very well if I start explaining anything, he will know its an April fool’s prank.

So on Sunday I am just chilling drinking coffee politely watching Pistons spank Miami waiting patiently for the day to move so I can go home later in the evening. As far as I know my prank is working to perfection.

Then a pal calls and says she is chomaing some nyama at her digz, I tell her am in Delaware to make sure my storo stays true and consistent.

We were with her the previous night hanyeing so she is as confused as my bro. I explain that I am on my way back and I will bring the brews just as she requested.

At around 1pm Sunday I decided to go home. I am eagerly waiting for the questions my bro will have about the DE story. I have a well prepared believable explanation.

Looking at it now my April fool prank was just lame!

Anyway no am outside the parking lot with my chile friend. She asks where I had parked coz it is slightly cold and she doesn’t want to walk too far from her apartment. I tell her I didn’t park to far away and we start walking.

When I get to where I had parked, I can’t believe what I am not seeing. I adjust my glasses and start looking around for my car. “I swear I parked the car right here” I tell her. I stare at the empty parking space for like two minutes but nothing! The car is missing!

I start to panic, I am wondering why anyone would steal my car, let alone on a Sunday. How the hell am I going to commute to work; I have to call cops; does progressive insurance cover theft; do I have full coverage?…my mind is all over.

But since I had pulled the DE prank on my bro, I figure he could have something to do with the missing car so I give him a call.

“I thought you are in Delaware?” He asks me. Obviously I confess there was no Delaware, I was at my neighbors but more importantly the car is gone.

He sounds alarmed and assures he didn’t move the car.

But just to be 100 percent sure it wasn’t an ill advised prank, I call my roommate and tell him to check outside our apartment for the car. Bilaz! This is no April fool prank, the car is really stolen.

So I call 911 and give details of the stolen vehicle and they tell me they are sending a cop to document the report.

All this time the chile I had visited is here complimenting my panic with worry. I am trying hard to pull an ‘its ok’ look but its just not working.

Then her simu rings and immediately she starts laughing out loud. I am still unaware of what is going on and I do not understand how can she afford to laugh with someone on the phone when am facing an emergency.

In between her laughter she manages to inform me that the car is actually not stolen. It was indeed an April fool on me, my bro had moved the car!

At first I do not find anything funny about this whole ordeal. The chick is now literally rolling with laughter. Am still pissed coz having to call 911 and filing an erroneous report.

I am trying to explain to my chile friend that calling 911 because of an April fools prank wasn’t as funny as she was making it out to be.

Long story short, I eventually calmed down and saw the humor in their comeback prank and after calling the cops and cancelling the emergency, we all had a good laugh eating nyama and sipping on some brew.

I have exactly 1 year to think of some major April fool prank on my bro and pal.

Until then I will continue to have my tail partially tucked in between my legs.

They got me!

9 thoughts on “April fooled!

  1. but my comeback for next year will be bananas.

    I am thinking an Ad on nation, fake moving to Bangladesh. I swear its going to be in equal measure to what was done to me.

  2. Auuuwui! And Ma-Shaddie where in hell did you come from. Dude – they got you real good! Wawawaaaaa!

  3. Boss, they had you there proper! Just when you thought you’d got him! Ha! The interesting thing about April fools is that you’re not allowed to get upset. But try having April fools for your birthday and then try inviting guys over for a bash when the goat has already been skinned and you’re there now working on the muturas. Then no one shows up. Its happened to me before

  4. Archer, kweli your b-day is april fools day. that is a setup for life. you should invite your friends and revenge for pulling a no show on you.

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