I was thinking the other day of what I fear the most beside death and hell. I came up with working list of the following:

  • A woman in tears – because I am helpless in such a situation.

  • Short people / midgets – because if they ever want to fight I wouldn’t know what to do. If you just ignore them, they would think you are belittling them. If you fight them then its unfair. – I had a weird dream with this dilemma.

  • “His Excellency the president of Kenya, Hon. Raila Odinga” – just a personal fear.

  • The ocean – lets just say I know how to float but I am certain I can’t swim for miles.

  • Childbirth – I really owe God one for making me a guy. Childbirth just looks so exhaustive, painful, excruciating…and seriously no part of anyone’s body should stretch that much….least that part.

I am sure with age and wisdom I will add a lot more fears to this list.

14 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I strangely do not fear death. That is one weird dream dood. Lay off that ish that you are smoking 🙂

    I sink faster than a stone so no comment on that one….childbirth – wide berth…

  2. a woman in tears-i really dont get what really get why guys are afraid of this. si you rub her back saying baaas, hug her, talk,leave her alone..i guess it depends on the girl though.youre not the only afraid of childbirth.auuu!ati more fears..youre wisdom is bootleg!;)

  3. childbirth…no fear why? Cesarian section is the best invention mankind has ever come up with…wide berth no more, and no more labour pains why? Ephudural does the trick 🙂

  4. Apart from rats I fear breakups with kyuk women. I’m that specific. It is fear after all so I have to be.
    I only fear things that can happen to me. Child birth, nope. I don’t fear at all.

  5. Ati”His Excellency Raila Odinga” LOL! I kinda admit that thought too is scary!
    I fear childbirth too, unfortunately it’s not somthing I can escape!

  6. Weeping is one of womankinds most potent weapons and any self preserving man should be careful. I am slightly heavier than water so I will not be treading in deep waters also. Childbirth I don’t fear I would just take it like a man (oops! I am a man)

  7. @methuselah, how can you not fear death? I can’t even start discussing death or dead people, coffins, morgues…I want nothing to do with all this.

    @bomseh, kwani how badly do kyuk women handle breakup?

    @Klara, you can go Cesarean…but then you can never tell your kido; ‘you know how much pain I went through’ – that was one of my mum’s lines.

    Mama shady, you see all men are helpless when a woman is in tears. I just don’t know why. For me it just makes me sad no matter what the lady is crying about.

    That is why you see women using tears ovyo ovyo. And on childbirth, if my wife to be has kids I hope they won’t ask me to witness. I do not want to see, just hand my kido when it’s all done.

  8. ummm… Raila as president. I dread this prospect everyday. Kalonzo needs to step-up in ODM.

    @ Bomseh: I feel you on that rat b.ness … put nyokas on that list as well …

    Kifo: I think I fear “how” i die rather than death itself. I want my death to be glorious, like being thwak’d by a comet …

  9. Everyone’s afraid of childbirth hata women…
    Bomseh …leave kiuk women alone and stop entering for us …

  10. Childbirth scares the living daylights out of me 😦 i wonder how it will be wakati ukifika.
    Swimming i can, but if you are swimming in shark infested waters???

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