24 and aimless banter

Isn’t 24 the greatest show on TV?! – It’s out of this world; a 45 minute adrenaline rush filled with twist and turns that never cease to amaze.

And that Bauer, is there anything he can’t do. He always kills and never even gets shot.

Completely off topic, but I heard of this Kenyan dude who is here in the US and he wants to run for MP in his constituency later this year.

I do not really want to bring anyone’s ambitious plan down but sometimes reality is quite an important aspect of a successful plan. You cannot be in the US in April with the intention of running for MP in December; it just can’t happen.

Unless of course your father was Kenyatta, your mother was Moi’s estranged wife and you are married to Raila’s daughter.

I wish him all the best in 2012.

Moving On

The weather is finally getting guy friendly. This side of the Atlantic chilez are obsessed with wearing close to nothing whenever the temperature goes 10 degrees above freezing point. And to that I say may God bless their souls.

Project ‘dress slutty and pretend you don’t want guys to look at you’ is now in full mode’ I am definitely not complaining…Thank you ladies.

Speaking of slutty, can anyone imagine the number of interns who will apply to the white house if Hillary Clinton wins?

Bill Clinton might be in for a time of his life!

Signing off…

Good thing Wednesday is over, now anxiously waiting to knock off Thursday away then its furahi day and ta-da weekend imefika!

14 thoughts on “24 and aimless banter

  1. Seems Unyc is still sleeping. No booty waving leo. I cannot comment abot 24. To date I still haven’t watched a single 5minute clip of the show.

    This side of Africa too chicks are obsessed with wearing next to nothing, and like to bare their breasts too. God Help Bomseh.

  2. I am waving my booty at number 3…

    Whats wrong with showing off what u got….show what ur mama gv ya!!
    Kwanza now its sunny…exposure is the order of the day.

    Bauer is a man who has ganered nuff respect. Long live 24!!

  3. @bomseh, you seriously need to watch 24. Kumbe even in Nairobi wasichana waliamua, God help all of us.

    @unyc, more power to you…keep shaking what your mama gave you. shake it for 3n, for bomseh, for Bauer!

  4. LMAO @ Baggy jeans

    1. 24 is not the best show on TV. House is…… but then again, everyone with their opinion…….

    2. lol @ dress sluty and expect people not to look…. Mamas have some serious issues for real!

  5. 24 is a great show and I say “Jack Bauer for Presiden”…he should run with Obama.

    1. Only Jack Bauer can fly a plane from the luggage compartment

    2. If everyone on “24” followed Jack Bauer’s instructions, it would be called “12”.

    3. If Jack Bauer’s gun jams, it’s because he wanted to beat you with it.

    4. Jack Bauer sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

    5. American Idol is only popular because it has a commercial for 24.

    Nani kama Jack Bauer?

  6. i love 24. love it love it…its the greatest. shit! especially how they killed president palmer and curtis….nothin beats a neck bullet
    OUCH! cold and brutal!!!!
    -i told bomseh to egt 24 that punk is wasting time
    -@dorothy:24 jokes kill me everytime. jack forgot where he kept his keys he tortured himself for 30minutes till he gave up the location

    -Go hilary go!!!

  7. @mwangi, with your sexcapades episodes plus the summer weather, I can see how the baggy jeans come into play.

    @Movie buff, I will try to catch an episode of House and see if it is as good. Now South Park I hope there is no argument – it is brilliant!

    Here is a link of funny quotes from SP http://www.southparkquotes.com/top-rated-quotes-7.html

    @dorothy…ati he sleeps with a gun under his pillow (lol). This jack survives too much. Even when they are shooting at him with machine guns, Bauer still takes out kido 5 people with a pistol!

  8. 24 oyeee! Bauer for prezzo yaani atawavunja materrorist MBAYA!

    The chicks are out in their skimpiest? now i miss Mombasa – long afternoons on the beach…aaa

  9. hmm….you and my gal would get along…i disagree…24 is like watching an execution in slow motion…

  10. 24 has never really bambad me at all, the last time I watched it was somewhere in mid season two. Probably if I can get my hands on the collection of all the seasons after that then I’d start to appreciate it. Jack Bauer jokes are too deadly, just like the Chuck Norris ones.

    As for the guy hoping to become a mheshimiwa by campaigning through proxy, HA!

    Enjoy the view!

  11. Am still tyrin catch up with 24! Bt so far Lovin it!
    3N U crack me! Ati unless he’s father is Kenyatta n he’s married to Raila’s Gal! LOL! Yenyewe that one’s a joker! Tell him arudi nyumbani haraka
    @White Hse storo: LOL

  12. [24]How efficient are those guys..the phone is answered on the first ring alafu they know its Jack
    try calling most offices and the phone will ring and ring and ring…lakini not huko 24 nooooooo

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