There are many idiots in this world. And it is okay to be an idiot but it is really unfair when a non idiot succumbs to idiocy and annoys the shit out of everyone else.

Without much further delay some of my pet peeves:

  • Fakeness – I can’t stand people who try to be someone they aren’t. Like a recently migrated Kenyan guy sagging his jeans, with a fake chain around his neck and wearing shades in the club as he tries to emphasize the newfound gangsta within. You are from Kariobangi not Compton, moron!
  • Unnecessary secrets – It usually goes like “hey you guys can’t tell anyone else…or people are not supposed to know this but I hear ummm….Obama is not white” All am saying is that if whatever you are about to tell me is not really of earth shaking importance don’t swear me into secrecy. I am tired of over qualifying regular bullshit into CIA like secrecy.
  • The IT factor – there is a group of people who act as if they came out of two vaginas. They act like they are IT. Like the world will end after we bury their sorry asses. We live in a world with 6 billion more people; bring your ass back to earth. Humility my friend is also a good virtue.
  • Bad drivers – a good number of these are women (sorry but true), Chinese, old people and the worst of all an old Chinese woman. The other 5% are just normal people who should never be within 100 yards of anything that has an engine and or needs steering. I don’t get how some people got their licenses.
  • Black Americans & teens in the theater – call me racist or whatever but I just don’t think its fair to the general public to answer your cell phone at the top of your voice while a movie is going on. Or shouting phrases like “oh yeah give it to her” or “yo don’t do it, don’t do it man, seriously don’t do it, oh shit he is about to do it…” If you don’t have the proper etiquette to watch a movie in the theater, borrow a DVD and shout back at your TV as much as you want.

I have to say I am surprised but I didn’t know there is so much shit I don’t like. I guess its just life and people.

Enjoy your Easter everyone. And say a prayer for everyone else.

14 thoughts on “Life

  1. LMAO

    I hate that ish of having your cell phone ring in the theatre…… and u r on point with the teenagers as well. I dont know why they see it necessary to give us social commentary on the movie. Momofukus!

    Also….. that Old Chinese woman …… wacha tu! Even Mexican mamas suck… they drive 20 miles an hour in the fast lane on 695. They get on my nerves.

    Have a good easter!

  2. Aii, It’s Good “Furahi” Day bwana … relax on the vitriol …
    But I feel you on that movies thingy!! –
    it’s very uncivilised.

  3. I feel you on the fakeness and the movie thing, does not happen much here in Nairobi though, the movie commentators that is. hehhehe

    Happy easter to you too!

  4. Right with you on the movie thing. Stay out of the theater if you can’t control your mouth or cell phone habits!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Nice post!
    I too hate it when Kenyans rukia fashion ovyo ovyo! The fake ass clothes and horrible wengs~
    Lmao at coming out of two vaginas.
    Old ppl are the worst drivers I tell you! They should stay at home!
    And yes black folk should learn to shut the hell up at the theatres!

  6. Thanks everyone for the Easter wishes.

    @movie buff, I had forgotten about Mexicans. They are terrible drivers…always seem like they are lost. Maybe it has a little to do with being recently moved.

    @mwangi, you know this is the best time to go on a tantrum since JC is about to be resurrected and forgive all my sins.

    @Aco, thanks for bringing the weng thing. I swear if another Kenyan wengs while simultaneously shrubbing, I might just tear my ears out.

  7. Big Up on that fakeness thing! Such ones do embarass n are turn-offs 4 me!!
    Anyway had great Laughs ati “You are from Kariobangi not Compton, moron!” LOL!!
    Have a blessed Easter dear!

  8. @3N: interesting observations there. Twenging while shrubbing simultaneously, something that we Kenyans have perfected, is known as shwenging!

  9. @klara, thanks. I hope you easter weekend is going on sawa sawa

    shwenging…archer, where do you come up with all this?

    @bomseh, there a ton of other shit that irritate me, its coz it was easter weekend and I didn’t want to haribu it.

    @udi, go out in DC kenyan hanyes… i saw another idiot playing ray jana

  10. HAHAHAHA…I soo feel you man and agree with you on all accounts!!!
    2 vaginas…this one seems to have me laughing to neverland.

  11. Shwenging..hehehe
    wait till you go to tha movies and some stupid kids are throwing popcorn all over the place…

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