Breaking down a Hanye-ist Week.

Its easy Sunday afternoon, hopefully some games are going on, or else catch a movie, see a show or something…cut the day short somehow.

In the back of your head all day Sunday there is the thought of ‘fuck, kesho is Monday, fuck!’

You see Monday is like finding out you have a gay relative. You really don’t want to accept it but you know He / She is gay and there is no way of changing it.

So Monday morning comes, depending on your status as of sleep time Sunday night – i.e, level of blood in your alcohol – you can either have one of those ‘I really don’t feel like waking up’ or its another bright day today.

A morning glory on Monday will go far and beyond to starting the week on a good note.

OK Monday goes by, the usual Q’s at work, how was your weekend, did you watch, blah…blah…blah, you could care less!

Now its Tuesday morning you have finally accepted the week is on. Tuesday depending on your optimism or lack there of in life; can be either your gay relative’s partner or your launch towards the end of the week. Your choice.

For optimistic folks Wednesday is the mother of all days. It is the first step towards ‘the weekend is just around the corner’. This is when you should reminisce on what transpired over the last weekend.

This is the day to find your being kicked out of the club funny. This is when as a chile you accept that those pics of you on top of the bar table with a strange guy taking shots from your belly weren’t all that bad.

My advise: Wednesday is the best day to break off the ice and get out there. Maybe a ka loose happy hour. Be warned though, never overindulge on a weekday, the weekend reserves this right!

Thursday is here, ladies and gentlemen please start you engines. By Thursday weekend plans should be reaching final stages. Venues, people and activities should be well in order.

Thursday is often the most quickest work day, there is just too much to look forward to. And if you have enough paid sick time, why even go in?

Alafu Friday rolls in. At this point it doesn’t matter what happened the past 4 days. Even if you lost a job, don’t worry. The bible clearly states, leave all your worries to God. The weekend is here!

And Friday afternoon should never be dedicated to work. This is the confirmation time. SMS and email communication has been known to skyrocket during this time.

A good rule of thumb to go by: your hard work does not greatly impact the company’s profit margins. Its Friday afte, its time to hit the weekend running.

Finally the weekend. What is amazing is how often there seems to be a gap of a logical account of time for this two day festival. Somehow the next time you are checking….

You are sitting down watching the game, murmuring ‘fuck, kesho is Monday, fuck!’.

15 thoughts on “Breaking down a Hanye-ist Week.

  1. Fao!!

    Well put 3N, well put. You have captured the mood in exactly the way I imagined it but could not xpress!!

  2. Yaani you get desyked by Monday. Me I penda Monday morning. Coz I am allowed to stay of alcohol for one day out of the whole week

  3. i am one of those who hate sunday as from 5pm coz monday is on the way 🙂 by wednesday mood is rising-weekend is coming, coming, coming!
    nice breakdown 🙂

  4. With the major hangi & If a team you vociferously support was hammered over the week-end, you would want to wish mondays away….. By the way 3N, any bets on that champions league semis between Chelski & the Kops?

  5. Monday is Like what? LOL! I hate or hate’s too strong..I dislike Mondays! u so right! Today is Thursday an am feelin syked 4 da wknd!!1

  6. I couldn’t agree more with your breakdown. For me only on Friday does the mood begin to lift since I don’t touch alcohol on weekdays Coffee is what keeps me alive from Monday to Thursday

  7. LOL about Monday.. hehehe.. and to add onto it, it’s like finding a relative you dislike seated on the couch in your house, when you’re coming from work. hehehe…
    :.Just Sue.:

  8. monday is just another day of damn responsibilities which are imposed by the Capitalist society we exist

  9. Monday sunday what is the differemce? I days of the week seem to melt into each other for me lately! Hehehe Good analogy.

  10. Doesn’t anyone know that Kenyans are generally an alcoholic people? Monday is SACRED!! It’s a mlevi’s Sunday, a day for calm and recollection and hangover recovery!

    Think about it, we have reason too drink thoughout the week.

    Tuesday: Champions League…so we drink
    Wednesday: Champions League, Ladies night, Rock night, so we drink
    Thursday: The day before the weekend, Neo Soul Thursday, “oh you had a baby!!” ….so we drink
    Friday: Obvious reasons…we drink
    Saturday: Premier League, chilling with the boys, nyama choma….so we drink
    Sunday: killing Sato’s hangies, more Premier League, Formula 1…so we drink

    which leaves Monday!

  11. Let’s review AA members and wannabes so far:

    AA Members:

    Mangi, Movie Buff, Udi (local chapter founder), Betty, Aco (still in denial), Chatterly, Kirima, Klara, Archer, Aegeus, phassy, inexes

    Wannabes – none so far

    Happy furahi day my esteemed colleagues.

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