Happy Friday

A jamaa has kosanad with the chile and in the course of their argument…

Jamaa: yani you want to leave me just like that, sawa sawa si uiishie, I will just find some new pussy elsewhere. Kwani unathani yako ina second floor, ama ni diamond plated?

Chile: ha ha ha ati find new pussy, you are so full of yourself, new pussy my ass….I tell you if you had two more inches of dick you would find some new pussy right here!

Folks that’s Richard Pryor…loosely translated, the best comedian of all time.

Other Tidbits

Currently in Kenyan news Michuki is almost gone if these claims are true. Apparently he demanded 3 million dollars from the Artur brothers.

He is also the same individual who wanted Gideon Moi to hold his breath longer than someone alive should.

Anyway I hope Kibaki gets rid of Michuki. He is proving to be a cancer and the face of a ‘corrupt’ government.

It is an election year and Kibaki cannot afford to protect him if he wants to make it back to State House in 2009.

What else…the NBA playoffs are starting this weekend. Look for Lakers to upset Suns and Detroit to win it all. As usual I am only betting my pride on this.

Its only 11:30 AM and I can already hear the murmur of a cold Amstelizi dancing in the fridge waiting for one 3n to rescue it. Sitting next to it is a well prepared soco-lime shoto which wouldn’t mind being adopted either.

Signs of an alki in the making….years of therapy will definitely be needed later in life.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

12 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Why do women always have to badmouth the dick? What did the dick do? Damn that’s just plain wrong!
    Michuki is full of it! Talking smack as Mt Elgon burns….

  2. Kenyan politics cannot be bila drama, kwanza now its election year. Where did Gideon Moi’s name come from?

    sawa weekend mate!

  3. Damn people can’t kosana with civility?..LOL they got be bad mouthing each others loins and shit..but yes pryor was good.

    if LA beats the suns that will be my championship the hate i have for nash is crazy i tell you…it would not hurt for warriors to win neither..

    Enjoy the weekend

  4. @Aco, women badmouth dick coz they know it has too much power over them.

    Then again it could be part of our delusion that Movie Buff is referring to.

    @Majonzi, I also don’t get the whole angle of eliminating Gideon Moi.

    Maybe Artur’s book will reveal more – and fcuk those gold chain wearing mafia wannabes. Can’t stand them.

    @Msanii – I didn’t know there is anyone in the world who hates Nash. Anyway I am a lakers fan too and I think phoenix is overrated.

    Warriors…am so so, only because J-Rich is a Mich State Alum and they have suffered without playoffs for too long.

  5. You are hilarious!!! I have been craving a cocktail all day today…they stopped selling Amstel in SA because they are re-bottling or whatever they call it when a company acquires another and they need to change the bottles!!!

    Enjoy your Amstelizi and your shooter…I am soooo craving a shot of Don Julio…siiiigh!!!

  6. @Aco lol….size matters!

    @3n Ati 2nd floor….lol.
    I c michuki i wonna pyuk! That guy ws kidogo gd only in transport ministry. He shld resign or get fired!

  7. LoooooL! They should let mr D be. UnyC ati size matters? I was wondering where all those questios ati are you in? came from…hehehehh!

    In Kenyan politics, si the rape when already too willing gentleman is back in office…hmmm

  8. It is not the size of the hammer that matters, it is the nail you are aiming it at.

    @Princess – U in SA? I’ve switched to Heineken in the absence of Amstel.

  9. LOL! Stuff people say 2 anotha when da fire sizzles out! LOL
    Bwana Michuki juzz lost it! Nobody’s interested in his bitchin, bt juzz doing what he sweared 2 do; That’s 2 protect Kenyans who include Mt. Elgon clash Victims!!

  10. @Bomseh, you will like this from comic view….ati don’t tell me to go deeper and faster, how about you make your pussy tighter and smaller?

    @Klara, I agree Michuki should stop bitching and do what he is paid to do. Protect all Kenyans; can you imagine the guy didn’t visit the clashes region for a whole 2 weeks, what the hell was he waiting for?

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