Quick questions

For guys, would you date a chic who you know has had a lesbian experience? Or has entertained a threesome?

If you are a chic who has done any of the above, would you expect a guy to be offended by it and not consider you serious dating material?

And would it be selfish for a guy to play with the said chic but say no to dating her?

20 thoughts on “Quick questions

  1. uhhmm, you don’t have a question for a chic who has had no lesbian experience?

    I must say tho, I don’t understand the double standard on many men being homophobic, but appreciate girl on girl sex?

  2. @ 3N
    If would give a chic who has done girl on girl action once as experimentation a chance. But as for threesome mamas, I dont eat leftovers!
    @ majonzi
    You see anal sex is disgusting, gross, demeaning and intrusive but girl on girl love is soft, beautiful and almost seems natural given the close and touchy relationship most women share.
    Plus as a guy once you do another guy you are just plain gay, there is no going back! I dont care what people say!

  3. am with Majonzi, any question for those who hasn’t had lesbian experience.

    But I think it would be hypocritical to hit it but not date her, whats the difference? Unless she is experimenting with you! LOL

  4. O.K! Where did this come from 3N? Anything u r not tellin us!!:=)
    Am in no position 2 answer any of ur quiz juu ya lack of experience bt yes it would be selfish, very Selfish 4 ajamaa 2 play with the said chick!

  5. OMG, was talking about this with a bunch of friends on Sunday…hmmmmmmmm
    I’m with Majonzi on the dbl std…What gives guys?
    Also, your question/concern seems like a having it and eating it kinda situation. What, she’s good for the strokes but not good enough for a committment/relationship?

  6. @Aco, thanks for explaining this so well. I hope Majonzi is satisfied with the explanation. For threesome mamas what if their 3some was with 1 jamaa and another chic?

    @Half ‘n’ half – the only experiment I can allow her to do is bring another chic, that one she can experiment all she wants.

    @Klara – there is nothing am not telling, really…anyway I don’t buy that it’s selfish.

    I surely wouldn’t blame a mama for thinking the same way. Although it’s not applicable since once gay a jamaa is always gay.

    @Quint…first of all you have to confess where you were on Sunday, coz I had the same long discussion with my friends.

    One of us is stalking the other; I choose to be the stalkee.

    It might be kidogo unfair but I just don’t see how you take an ex lesbian to your mama’s house as wifey material.

  7. Honestly, man for woman, woman for man. That is the natural order of things, as far as I am concerned. Until they isolate the gene responsible for being gay, am staying put … and no am not homophobic, otherwise why would I like lesbians?

  8. Finally i think I have something to say…
    The issue here is the lesbian experience…
    Whats her stand..would she do it again? if the answer is no then there’s no problem. If its yes then ..move along!

    How come you edited your post?
    Are you planning on becoming a regular church goer?

  9. mwangi, you should be careful, science might prove you wrong in a few years.

    But that’s another debate altogether – whether or not gay/lesbian is a natural / genetic ‘disorder’ or a lifestyle choice.

    @Farmgal, oh you must have seen the original post, just wanted to go to church kadhaa times before I jinx myself.

    I disagree with you though on moving on and ignoring a one time lesbian experience.

    Do you want to tell me that you would date a jamaa you know has had a gay experience? Wouldn’t you be dating a fake gay guy?

  10. Hmmm you pose good questions…. the answers may be inciriminating …. so with that in mind, Im going to be lurksville and observe other peoples takes on this double edged sword issue.

  11. Never had a lesbian experience and I aint planning 2. Its gross! YUK!
    I cant even date a guy who has had gay r/ships.

  12. Farmgal, of course I would date someone who has cheated before.

    But there is a big difference between regular cheating and someone who has had a lesbian experience.

    Kwani you are a past offender…si you confess? LOL

  13. @Farmgal, you know that question had to come….glad though you are not a past offender.

    @Q, just confess you are nani…you know, until then consider yourself forever stalked!

    @phassie, did you know it is illegal in the state of Georgia for any man to confess to such claims as selfish, guilty, caught cheated?

    I for one am not selfish and I have not heard of any selfish man, ever. It is one of those rumors women spread around about men.

  14. Which Georgia? because the Georgia I live in has too much drama about men portraying those characteristics: selfish,guilty, greed. Just to mention a few.

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