Bent Way Over

We work in modern day plantations hiding our plastic faces behind meaningless career titles as the masters’ watch from above and pick the best from their crop of corporate slaves.

We buy their fuel, their bread, tissue, clothes…everything they sell at unjustifiable, unaffordable and exorbitant prices.

We work for decades towards a retirement that will last less than 15 grim years highlighted by checkups at their medical factories.

All this time they swim in milk and bathe in honey; feasting on our misery with gold plated cutlery whose value could easily subsidize a village’s food for years.

They won’t succumb to our push and we dare not break the cycle of their selfish wisdom.

We are in a foot race against the wind, occasionally stopping to glare at each other’s meager achievements as they continue to tighten shackles of materialistic dependency.

Generations inherit poverty and the ever distant promise of escape. We toil all day and in the night worship at the foot of their infused materialistic desires.

Indulging in temporary spats of artificial happiness; our backs staying forever bent as we emulate those ungrateful mother-fuckers we so much desire to be.

Inspired by the Global Rich List courtesy of Kirima.

3 thoughts on “Bent Way Over

  1. Ngugi, Look at it this way.

    You are worth as much as you could do with yourself. If you can write the best computer program out there, then you’ll be paid accordingly. That is why the Google founders are billionaires at such a young age. Instead of writing search algorithms, they could have flipped burgers in a McD’s and earn minimum wage. But we all know they chose to do something else with their talent.

    The same applies to each and every one of us. Its a tough world out here but we have some influence over what direction we take.

    You are still young and there are many opportunities out there. You just have to rise to the challenges.

  2. ssembonge, I agree with you except for the part of being young…

    anyway as you say there are many opportunities out there just have to challenge myself.

  3. This ssembonge dude knows his ish! Seconded!

    Know your talents and use them well do not allow yourself to be shortchanged!

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