Kudos to American Idol

I am sitting watching American Idol Gives Back and I have to say I am overwhelmed by the dire situations they are portraying as well as the level of support celebrities and fans alike are showing.

A piece they showed about Kibera was especially sad. A mother taking care of 13 kids living in a one room shack. A 12 year old boy as a head of the household, taking care of his younger sister.

Over and over the images and stories are unthinkable to most of us. Yet they are happening right in our own country.

We cannot afford to blame anyone. We are all responsible and we have to do whatever possible to help.

I urge everyone if you can, donate your time and or money to a worthy cause. You can change or save the life of another person.

organizations one can donate to

Oxfam International
American Idol Gives Back

6 thoughts on “Kudos to American Idol

  1. Did they say what the 12 year old boy does for a living? I was distracted for a minute while watching. Sad, though. Simon actually looked humbled 🙂 .

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