A Gay / Lesbian Kenya?

1. Would you vote for or against gay rights in Kenya?

2. Is homosexuality a genetic occurrence or a lifestyle choice?

3. Should gay/lesbian couples have rights to adopt children?

20 thoughts on “A Gay / Lesbian Kenya?

  1. 1. Hell the fcuk NO!

    2. Neither. But I’m sure its definitely not genetic.

    3. Eh…NO!

    @Mwangi: cheka cheka tu. Kesho ni nyinyi mnadinywa. Mind you, Milan only need one goal, and they’ve got home advantage.

  2. 1. For – Discrimination is wrong againist any human being
    2.Probably not a choice but I believe one can change it is not a terminal affliction.
    3.NO – For the sake of the children

  3. 1. AGAINST
    3. NO, Instead they should be confined to a mental institution for life.

    @Kirima – Discrimination against evil human beings is not wrong. It can be justified.

  4. Archer, Mwangi & Bomseh – you have no time for gays.

    I bet and especially Archer, you are for lesbian activities though…

    @Bomseh, whatever gays do as long as they don’t interfere with us up to them. Allowing them equal rights does NOT mean that we approve of their lifestyle.

    However I have to agree with Kirima that they should not be let to adopt.

    The kids have a right to have straight parents and I don’t know any child that would choose a homosexual couple over a straight one.

    @Q, I don’t think its even partially genetic because how comes it is just becoming more prevalent now? And if it is partially genetic wouldn’t there be gay animals?

  5. It’s becoming public now because they’ve been shunned…it’s almost taboo to speak of ones gay-status! But now they are getting their voice.
    We don’t know, well I don’t know if animals are not gay or not because there have not been any study, or I have not come across any that proves and or disproves notion

  6. 1)Against- I hate to say this (don’t you just hate it when people say that ” I hate to say this” but go ahead and say it anyway)Okay so maybe I don’t hate to say this, but Kenya is mainly Christian country, and does anyone rememer God’s Sodom and Gomorrah – that is to say, I don’t think God intended for mankind to be like so. Ama? Yes, every human being should have rights-as a human being. But the thief who I might twanga in my back yard, had no rights being there.

    2)Must be a lifestyle.It is in the jeans not genes!!!!

    3)Imagine how confused that child will be during the biology lesson about where babies come from.On a serious note, “they” whoever “they” are say children who are bought up in single parent homes are somehow affected by that exeperience (negative or positive).Would that apply to same sex parents….two fathers or to mothers- that equation is not complete.

  7. 1. specifically?
    2. a choice – you could change your sex in case of conviction.
    3. hell no!

  8. @Mwangi: Nilikuambia mtaDINYWA! Na mliDINYWA!! Totally outplayed and outclassed! GATTUSO gutted you down!

  9. thanks Archer for sticking it to akina Mwangi and their ManUseless team.

    they should consider themselves lucky coz they will also yield to chelsea in FA cup finals.

  10. 1.I would not vote!
    2.Alifestyle Choice! I doubt God created any gay person n no one’s born gay!
    3.NO! Hell no!

  11. I still believe any form of discrimination based on frame of mind or thought is wrong. What we can legislate againist is Homosexual acts since there is no scientific test that can determine who is gay or not. As long as they keep their hand off my butt I choose to ignore them. Letting them adopt would upset the normal social order and may cause stigmatization of the child as he trys to grapple with why he has two daddies or mummies.
    @Archer, I believe only Liverpool fans are allowed to gloat! We have accepted our fate and Yes we played awfully last night

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