Dreams Galore

I had two interesting dreams last night. The second one is a heavy doze so I will save that for Monday.

1st dream, I am in Nai in Dec and somehow am meeting with ODM and Narc-K folks for a Q and A.

So we are going back and forth with Raila – I am asking him about the hummer, he is questioning my credentials, asking who the hell I am and who let me in to this Q & A session.

I start getting irritated and warn Raila that he has to stop disrespecting people or else…just before I finish my warning the mzee reaches for my throat…

He starts chocking me while I return his kindness by raining aheavy dosage of De La Hoya / Mayweather proportions.

Kimunya tries to intervene and loosen Raila’s grip lakini wapi, Raila shoves him aside…the Mzee is still chocking me and am starting to turn blue, he has chocked all energy from me, I am not even punching him anymore

Then out of nowhere Martha Karua comes in to the scene and slaps Raila so hard with her left hand that Raila falls on his back and finally releases the grip

Just then I gurumuka and that’s the end of the first dream. What does it all mean?

Other tidbits – life’s little questions

Can one be accused of killing a sacrificial lamb?

Can a mentally challenged criminal not get off jail with a claim of insanity?

If a man marries an ex hooker, during sex wouldn’t she be thinking, ‘why am I not getting paid for this lousy shit’?

If Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, then who did their children marry?

Isn’t one’s life expectancy specific to the time they die?

Isn’t Friday the best day of the week?

Happy weekend everyone.

p.s. we are in this

11 thoughts on “Dreams Galore

  1. @Mwangi, I can’t assault Raila I have great respect for him.

    It was just one of those weird dreams.

  2. mmm ur dream ..
    The idea of raila being a preso kills you. In reality you’re killing his efforts although in ur dream he’s choking u. you cant fathom him being a leader in our beloved country
    I wonder what you think of martha karua…from your dream i can safely say you think she’s better/stronger than agwambo. (politically)

    next dream…

  3. farmgal, I would say that is a fair assessment as for Karua, let’s me just say she is featured in the second dream…

    politically of course

  4. You think highly of Martha Karua. Raila is just the other party to complete a dream. It is all about Martha, ne?

    Other tidbits:

    On Adam and Eve, thir third child was female, who came together with cain and started a family. The rest is history.

  5. farmgal, I updated the dream jana usiku and guess who joins Martha in it…

    @bomseh – are we about to admit that human history was founded on incest?

    I would like to believe otherwise – maybe Mwangi you can explain your divisive theories

  6. That dream…you are on your own…Heheheehhehe!! On those questions eh, history is based on incest whatever way you look at it waaah!

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