Some really funny shiit

I won’t do any injustice to this chat just read this sample quote and follow the link

“You girls have cracked me up and to be honest I sometimes experience this though not as acute. I agree pelvic exercises help alot, this also helps tighten the vaginal muscle and guess what ! its best and most pleasurable when tight and moderately moistened. Infact its also good to practice to hold your muscle when mko hapo hapo.Have someone noted that some men leave you very baggy? this exercise gets you back on shape.

misterseed kenyan sex talk

Enjoy…I am still on the floor laughing.

11 thoughts on “Some really funny shiit

  1. Who’s going to pick us from the floor? Hilarious. Lakini it is good internet provides forums for such discussions and solutions can be found.

  2. Waah! Waah! 3N..Where do u get this stuff!!LOL…Dat discussion! Lakini They are just being Honest!
    For Pelvic exercises they are advisable espec after pregancy!
    Honestly it aint alaughnin matter..

  3. I am rolling on the floor. Sisters heed these words. That kunyambisha thing, getting breezes in there is not a nice experience kwani is it a highway with many lanes? Do your exercises!

  4. If women don’t do it after giving birth, there’s a high possibility of not being able to control urine and possibly end up weeing on themselves. This ain’t stuff funny at all.

  5. LOL….!!!

    I saw this but it didnt have responces by the time I checked back.

    Kwanza the dude complaining the way the chic nyambas. LOL!!! Aki kweli we have shidas as humans. Good to see we are helping each other out though!

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