bloggaritis, Mia Mia, dotting and blog crushes

I don’t know whether any other blogger feels this, I call it bloggaritis. Its symptoms are wanting to write and lacking something to write about.

The result is dotting – or the fine art of saying nothing while still talking.

Lakini at least I can say I fikishad 100 posts, even though I missed it. I guess 3N is not too keen on anniversaries.

And they way I had thought I could do a recap and add some juicy stuff like my blog crush on one too many fyne kbw’er, who I will name later.

a few the few items I wanted to write about my one hundredth post.

Overall unintended theme of 3N speaks: Ulevi

Favorite colorblue

Favorite food kuku and rice. Kwanza a nicely prepared chicken curry stew over pilao, yummy!

Music – bob Marley, Alicia Keys, some Kenyan, some African, Bob Dylan, R. Kelly, anything as long as it is good music. my apologies to Prezzo

Books – umm…truth be told I have finished very few non-required reading.

but if you were to hold a gun and demand a name I would say – The Art of War by Sun Tzu

What else….

Oh yeah the blog crush

Well, I was first into movie buff lakini she decided to be Jon B’s mama! yani how could she leave me for that jamaa?

is it because I can’t sing, I hope so!

So I had to move on and I encountered a very sexy lady who goes by the name of mapenzi tele – and at first she was alright lakini she NEVER updates her blog.

And any blogger knows a blog crush needs constant ‘updating’.

Si basi nikaendelea, to one miss. Klara, and simply put she was the hardest to get over. we were so good together – I even looked over her kind words for Raila.

but before we could say our I do’s Unyc showed up and swept my blogger’s heart away.

I felt alive again with the vibrant young and intriguing Unyc.

but I knew it had to be too good true….

she was too alive, too vibrant, her words – intoxicating, I sadly just had to move on to a pace I can Handle.

And so came the short lived crush on another sawa chile, ‘just sue’.

I have to say when she posted her pics and looked directly right through my laptop and said ‘3N ni mimi na wewe milele’, I juad I had finally settled.

But my dear pulled a Houdini on me and pulled down her blog.

Long story short, I am Half heart broken, half alive, and currently vibing farmgal who is treating me very well.

only problem is that she is on word press and I have never been good at Long Distance Crushes, am on blogger.

ashante sana to everyone who has kept 3N going…

laterz people, that’s enough dotting for a Tuesday afternoon.

17 thoughts on “bloggaritis, Mia Mia, dotting and blog crushes

  1. TIHIHIHIHI….kumbe that is what I have been suffering from DOTTYISIS!!! ama ni bloggaritis!!!

    Now I know!

    Fav colour blue….hhmmm

    Kuku na mchele…hhhmmm

  2. Now that Sue scattered from the scene, i have been eyeing farmgal so hebu keep your paws off her LOL…!and the moment i gather enough courage, i will will will hmm heeh hmmm… is a nice colour.

  3. Blue is a very good choice I must say!

    Ah, to see the classic symptoms of bloggaritis, just turn your microscopes to egm. Millions are the posts I’ve wanted to put up but failed to because of major lack of substance! Tuko pamoja…

  4. @farmgal, thanks dear…at least you appreciate my sense of humor not like some of my exes.

    @Kirima, I think I am well on my way to winning one over, although I keep getting sidetracked by akina Unyc and Movie Buff.

    @Unyc, yani how could you have not juad?

    All those times I tried to be first in your comments, the smiley faces….and leave Sue alone, we don’t need her, unless you think we do.

    If you say we need her then that’s cool, if not…then I am good too

    @Mocha, the only thing remaining is a crush from 3N, I am working on it right now 🙂

    @Inexes – let’s be very careful here, you see farmgal was first on my comments, its coz we are tight like that and go back kitambo, LOL

    @Movie Buff – I will have to talk to this Jon B guy, there is definitely something he is eating / drinking / doing…that I have to get on right NOW!

  5. U r gulty of makin me hungry..How dare u mention chicken such atime when am starvin??LOL
    So, It’s confession time!Thank u for admittin it’s u who left me!Am still gettin over it too!LOL

  6. You have me in stitches man!
    WOLOLO chix in rice…kwanza if one or both have coconut…it’s a wrap man…roll over and catch me if you can!

  7. i am still sexy, but this disease has been hanging around for a while. I will make a comeback after rehab.

    Thanks for the thought!

  8. LOL!! I hear you on the bloggaritis thing. well here’s something to write about. You have been tagged.You have to post seven things that people don’t know about you and then tag seven people to do the same.

  9. Mmmhhmmm,succumbing to the KBWesses I see. Lakini chunga.. You might find yourself dumped huko kwa comments blog ingine the way Milo was finywad by Guess back in the day LMAO!!

  10. I feel you man, on the way all these chilles have been treating you… Pole, but at least I know my stand with you…
    Just Sue
    Now I know…
    You don’t need me no more.. 😥

  11. @Supaflyshi, this tagging I hear of, does it come with a present ama ni kazi tu? Okay, wacha I start on my seven…

    @Milonare, I can never itikia to be the dumpee, ni kiona vibe is not ingiaing, I am will volunteer to be the dumper.

    @Anonymous…there is SUE sighting everyone, mami si you rekindle your blog and we get back to our ka doze?

    I still need you…

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