my siete pack

I was tagged by supaflyshi, so here are seven things that people don’t know about me…

1. I am both shy and outgoing at the same time…it is difficult to explain

2. My role models include, my younger sister, mother Theresa and Malcolm X.

3. I will be seriously disappointed in myself if I am still working 9 to 5 for someone else when I am 40 yrs old.

4. I do not have a sweet tooth.

5. I don’t really care for dogs.

i honestly don’t understand how anyone stomachs walking behind and picking up shit for any living thing that doesn’t care to wear shoes, use deodorant, brush teeth, talk… etc and cannot be converted into an acceptable hot meal!

6. I sometimes play out life scenarios, like give speeches, meet people, and attend to business matters, chinja mbuzis for friends’ etcetera, all this in my head and mostly when I am thinking while intoxicated.

and last but not least….

7. I prefer my two soldiers and their commander to have as much freedom as possible; therefore I choose boxers over briefs.

I tag klara, farmgal, inexes, quintessence, kirima, Unyc and pikei

24 thoughts on “my siete pack

  1. I want to know if there is a mama out there who says……

    I just love a man in briefs.


  2. Movie buff, you are just killing me with your Question.

    you have me laughing my ass off out loud at jobo.

    Anyway I don’t believe there is a mama out there…lakini let’s wait and see what they say.

  3. Both shy and outgoing, mhmmm….

    Now that you had to go and share no 7 with us, you should add a disclaimer that you do not do silk. Ondaponts or pants!

  4. I believe the 1st one is called ‘bein an into-extrovert’. At least that’s what my pals tell me I am.

    As for no.7..hehe.. ’nuff sed.

  5. LOL! Ati u prefer ur soldiers to what?? =))
    Ohhh! No! I love puppies sana but Cats never…
    I was hopin not to be tagged but I guess there’s no escape on this one..

  6. Now now you know I will never understand that ‘shy and outgoing’ bit..will have to wait for ‘ditheba to see that

  7. Hmm seems no blog holiday it seems for me this week!
    You are quite an intersting dude can see you love freedom, I have a sweet tooth (or what is remaining of them!).
    Now off to think of what to write.

  8. @Ichiena – thanks for that reminder. NO SILK. any man should be in prison for owning silk boxers / pants etc

    @Klara, ebu leave my soldiers alone…and kumbe you are the one walking behind puppies and ummm…pampering them?

    @Unyc, can’t wait for you to toboa, but don’t tell ‘em about us. lol

    @farmgal, you will understand, as we are kulaing mbuzi courtesy of mwangi, I will explain.

  9. Sweet tooth … i think i have like 10 of them …

    I penda dogiz but kenyan ones – the ones that stay outside and fend for themselves and don’t crap at home!!

    I also like to liberate my soldiers … so they are ready for war @ moment’s notice …

  10. lol Soldier freedom and ati ready for war at moments notice,3N and Mwangi are the boys my mamma told me to be aware of.

    movie buff-don’t think there is.

  11. I hear you on the dogs! I hate all pets!

    No 6: I do that when I cant sleep…especially if there is someone who has pissed me off, I really kick their ass at nite!

  12. I loathe dogs with a passion.

    Malcolm X is my role model too. He kept it real.

    I have occasional sweet tooth moments.

  13. i have a sweet tooth…and i only like golden retrievers, all the other dog breeds can go hang anyday 🙂

  14. hahahahaha..@ #7 I say like Movie Buff..
    As fir dogs, I think I like proper dogs.. not those ones people put in hand bags.. and not mbwakoko… Am an animalist.. I love animals..

  15. @Half n Half – LOL at virtual kicking ass. Good thing you can never loose in such a fight.

    @phassie – that is the exact reason I admire Malcom, his realness.

    Plus mainstream America is so bent on praising MLK jr. that they ignore contributions from other civil rights leaders such as X.

    @Chatterly, I reckon you should also penda other dogs if you like golden retrievers. we can’t have discrimination in animal kingdom

    @Sue, those dogs that are carried in hand bags are toys not your local Mbwa Kali

    and then some people have the audacity to dress up those little things and take them for spa treatments, dog vacation homes and other stupid shit like that.

    btw are you a vegetarian or you love both the animals and their nyama?

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