Do you think a couple should adopt if they are capable of having their own children?

Is there a realistic chance that a parent will treat their biological child better than their adopted one?

Should an adopting couple be able to ‘pick and choose’ babies as they adopt?

Do you feel the responsibility or burden of continuing your family’s lineage?

And finally, would you adopt?

21 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. I think choice is very important.


    I would like 2 see a mini-me bobbling all over the floor, calling me dadi … and knowing he’s mine (after the mandatory paternity test of course …)

    If I was incapable of siring [God forbid] … I would consider adopting … or maybe i’d ask my 3 siblings to unleash a ka-loose one child extra … then i adopt them!!

  2. mwangi – no comment! 🙂

    yes they should adopt anyway.

    there is a possibility.

    no they should be handed one that has been best matched.

    no i do not – we are many – i am sure my siblings watado ivo.

    no. then again i do not want kids of my own.

    does this invalidate my above answers?

  3. Yes
    Not really. I reckon the pressure is more on the male species. I think the least I could do to honor my family is keep the lineage going.
    I would most definately adopt.

    SIDEBAR: Are we answering these questions for an take home exam or paper that you are working on?

  4. Aaaam.. Tough questions you put a cross there…
    #1 i think it’s okey for a couple to adopt a baby at whatever state they are in, since for some like me dont wanna go through the process of getting a baby on their own, I guess I wouldn’t mind adopting one.
    #2 Okey that is hard, but I guessit all depends on the parent themselves, because the parent adopted that baby out of a specific reason.. And I guess it’s their responsibility to keep to the reason
    #3 I think it’s a good idea to be able to pick a baby you want, since you will live with them for most of your life, and of course you don’t wanna hate them in the middle yknow.. 🙂
    #4 I dont think it’s a responsibility of anyone to continue any lineage, because it=f anyone happens to pass before they can put the lineage, who is to blame??.. But again it all depends on people’s beliefs and taboos and all, that they follow. But on my part, I don’t think I feel the burden or responsibility to continue any lineage
    #5 Of course I would adopt. And why not??!! Especially if I have the finances and a comfortable place to keep the adopted baby. But most of all, if ever a need arises that I want a baby. Otherwise…..

    Nice post there..

  5. -why not!if you can adopt then do so, there enough orphans etc out there who need good homes.
    -yep, there is a chance
    -probably not, but thats tricky, how far do you allow choice, boy/girl, hiv positive/not, etc etc
    -i feel no such burden
    -yes i would

  6. funny you bring this up coz I have always wanted to adopt children. Man, this is like my expertise… as in I have so much opinion on this!!

    Every child has a right to live in a good healthy (what is healthy is subjective) home. There are many reasons why children

    It is realistic for one to treat a child as the biological children. I was adopted, actually, I don’t considered myself an adoptee because I was not treated any different.

    About picking and choosing children, I think there are some factors to consider. For instance, I don’t approve inter-racial adoptions because the child in question will lose his “birth heritage”. It is difficult for many people to understand this, unless of course you are that child.

    As for family lineage, there is moments that I think about that, but its not overbearing. besides I have enuff sibs!

  7. I support adoption but ya’ll know that I dont like kids at all so I dont know if that puts my answer out of the ball park.
    There are enuff kids out there who need homes without us making anymore.

  8. I am all for adoption.

    Now if you are trying to do a United Colors of Benetton ad like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt… thats another storo…..

  9. interesting thoughts here…

    @mwangi, if you adopt your sibling’s kid would they call you father or uncle? I agree though with seeing a 3N jr. someday.

    @aegeus, if there is a possibility of preferential treatment for their own kid, wouldn’t it be better not to adopt if you have your own?

    @Quintessence – yes its part of my ongoing student of life classes.

    1. i thought the process of birth is a beautiful experience all women would want.

    @mama-shady, I am also not comfortable with too much choice. since adopting is such a noble act, I don’t believe it should be diluted with choices of a ‘perfect’ match

    @Majonzi – it is good that you bring a first hand experience.

    since you have expertise on this subject, what do you think about same sex couples adopting?

  10. Aki I was fao here jana just a min after you put up the post. My connection failed me! Mwangi am fao ..
    Ok I was saying I can adopt, I have thought about it many times. The advantage is being able to choose. I think even if I have my own I would still adopt one.

  11. -Sure, I think anyone who’s willing and able to provide a stable loving home to a child has the right to adopt.
    -It’s possible the biological child may be treated better. But that also happens when all the kids are biological.
    -Yeah, they have a right to choose which child would fit in best in their home.
    -Nope, I don’t feel any burden to continue the lineage; there are plenty of relaz giving birth.
    -I don’t plan to have any kids biological or otherwise. I’d consider caring for a close rela’s kid if I was the only one who could (which is highly unlikely). If I adopted, I’d want a kid who looked a bit like me.

  12. MovieBuff, LOL @ United Colors of Benetton. Someone needs to stop these celebs from their museum acquisitions, sorry I mean adopting from each continent.

    @Gnd – good point. Preferential treatment also occurs even when all children are biological siblings.
    I think I would also prefer to adopt a relas kid other than just a random strange baby.

    @Klara – I am coming up for temporary adoption sometimes in December; si we meet in Nai and you can adopt me for the three weeks I will be there. LOL

  13. Every time I tell people I want to adopt they look at me like am from Mars! ati its not african culture! aiiii?

  14. I would say yes to most of your questions except the one on responsibility or burden of continueing the family lineage for me I strongly believe having children is about creating a happy home and family rather than a duty to the clan.

  15. I have a friend who was one of 5 children, 3 of them (including her) adopted. She and her sister are bi-racial, the rest of the family was white.

    I know of four others (one Ethiopian, two Kenyan, one Ugandan) who were adopted by white families. They all seem to function normal (well, one of the two Kenyans is a baby, so no way of knowing how that will turn out!).

  16. egm– u won’t know about how “functioning normal” is unless you are the said adoptee. I am bi-racial, adopted by a bi-racial couple (different heritage from mine), and I turned out normal in all respects, but I have major identity issues because I don’t fit in anywhere– well, I force it so I fit in with Kenyans 🙂

    3N, I am liberal enough to support a gay couple, but I haven’t made up my mind about them adopting children especially considering the outside climate on perceptions of gays by the general public all over the world.

  17. @Majonzi, true dat.. (the whole walking a mile in another’s shoe…). But based on a friendship I’ve had with one of the bi-racial adoptees that’s going on 10 years now, I can definitely vouch for her having turned out normal. For the others, I honestly don’t know.

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