Why I do what I do

Yani this tagging biashara has shikad, it is amazing.

Currently we are on ‘why do you blog?’, I wonder what is next?

7 reasons why some of us subscribe to SBJ, 7 favorite positions, 7 ways to permanently give up your first class seat on the BT? – if we let akina Milo do some of these lists it could get ugly pretty quickly…

Anyway thanks to lady Chatterly, here is my sevens for why I blog.

1. It’s addictive. At first I was just going to do occasional posts, social awareness kind of stuff lakini after realizing how much fun blogging is and just writing what I feel bila restrictions, now I am totally hooked.

2. because the 30 storey plantation I am currently working at does not believe in fair compensation for my sub par efforts.

They gawia me kidogo on the 15th and even less on the 30th and that leaves me with tons of time at jobo to show my gratitude to them.

3. where else would you have met the likes of aegeus, aco, crazy milo, crazier mwangi, akina dk, movie buff, pk, Q, chatterley etc – it is such a unique medium to keep a breast of what is happening in the world.

4. Because I love to write.

5. And also read, after all part of why blogging is so much fun is the ability to indulge in other peoples manenos.

6. because some of the shiit I write, I cannot express without my walter ego, 3N.

I am free to write anything I want, vent on anything I don’t like, omba any chile, gawia any chile who stops the BT, basically fool around aimlessly coz its 3N and not me myself personally.

Side note to any blogger who knows the real 3N: Aki ya Mungu if anyone toboas anything real about me – like how I prefer a ka morning glory instead of an afternoon delight – you will surely find out why Raila will always be a visitor at State House!

7. Last one. Honestly I have only six. Lakini I can always add this: So that Kumekucha is not the only blog updated on KBW.

And I tag pk, dk, Milo, Quintessence, Unyc, Klara, Kumekucha.

21 thoughts on “Why I do what I do

  1. First again!!

    Freaking hilarious …

    “ati so that kumekucha is not the only blog updated on KBW”

    tHAT is a gem … for the archives …

  2. 2nd??.. 😥 Mwangi get off my space..
    LOL on the taggin business.. ati favourite positions..hehehe..
    I agree on the addictive bit…
    And you sure know how to thank your boss.. 🙂

  3. hehehe;)i can see how boring life would be without youre alter.that kumekucha vibe…ive really chekad. we must all have a purpose kweli.now why are you tishaing people who know you, let them toboa!

  4. thx mwangi – 2 things. 1. there is no way you are putting in time at your jobo and still being fao on every comment page.
    2. you have also been tagged by Chatterly so start working on your list.

    @dk, can I still call you Sue btw – I had gotten used to it. Anyway maybe you want to start on the fav position list, ama?

    @mama shady, am tishaing people coz I like the way I don’t know bloggers personally and they don’t know me. it is the intrigue of imagining what kind of a person for example ma shady really is.

  5. 5th? wajameni 😦
    it would be freaking pleasure if someone started the favourite positions tag 🙂
    mwangi stop blog-hoeing and get your juices flowing!

  6. lol on kumekucha, kumbe I am not the only one who gets irritated bu “it”. And that is a valid number seven!!

  7. LOL at Kumekucha. Kumekucha and anaa jamaa called sijui Charles who picks jokes off a joke book and bandikas them on post fill Aggregator daily. Id suggest KBW starts a separate aggregator for them LOL
    Aki what do you mean that Milo would make the memes get ugly pretty quick??? The way Im innocent and a ka-shy virjo!!!! ROTFLMAO

  8. Be careful what you ask for. If Kumekucha was to do a 7 facts tag post, (sio kwa ubaya) you might have to do either of the following:

    1. Subscribe for the confidential daily news updates direct to your inbox.

    2. Each fact might be an entire post, with like 45 links to validate each fact, and a cople of loose stories on the side.

    It’s worth a try though, tag him!

  9. LMAO @ Archer and the 45 links.

    And dont forget that he will mention in the 7 facts that he is infact the most read Kenyan blog…. lol

  10. @Chatterly, si you volunteer to start the list for favorite positions. Consider yourself officially tagged.

    You can make it 3 fav positions, your dream sex partner and weirdest place you have done it or you would like to do it. Let those creative juices start flowing, LOL

    @Majonzi – there are a lot more bloggers that do not see the need for Kumekucha’s daily updates.

    @Milo, the word virjo should never come from your lips unless of course you are referring to virgin oil or the virgin Mary.

    @archer, LMAO on the 45 links and thanks Movie Buff for pointing out they claim to be ‘the most read kenyan blog’.
    Only claim I can agree is that they are the most written Kenyan blog…

  11. This tagging thing has to stop! Aki am now sacred! LOL
    Morning Glooory??? I wish they toboad sounds juicy! LOL
    No.6 Explains alot 3N

  12. @Klara, you will be surprised there isn’t much to toboa.

    @Quintessence, kumbe pia wewe you are not happy at your current J.O.B, I say we boycott and just leave NOW.

    and of course I have to tag you, si you told nikuone kando LOL

  13. I am liking the one on the 7 fav positions…may start it. 🙂 Awwww thanks for the mention dadii. That kumekucha one killed. Whenever you open the aggregator yaani he is all over mpaka i quit it! Archer, 45 links eh and a few loose storos on the side, heheheheheh!!!

  14. Kumbe I aint the only one who sees Kumekucha and get….er…murderous thoughts. That was a good one.

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