I had to post something about the upcoming weekend, or as it will be known on Tuesday morning: I really can’t remember anything.

Anyway I tell you, there comes a time in a young man’s life when he has to stop, smell the roses, find nothing amusing about freaking roses, walk the fuck away and drink himself silly.

And for 3N that time is Now! Plans are in progress as I write and you read for a Wednesday pre-party happy hour but the official affair begins Thursday night.

You might wonder why I bother you with these irrelevant thoughts…not to worry I wonder the same too.

Anyway as a pre-caution, I have warned the powers that be at my plantation that on Friday I can only join them in spirit.

In addition there are voices in my head that I am choosing to listen that are spreading rumors to the effect come Monday I could also be virtually present.

And I know you are also asking isn’t this 3N jamaa quite irresponsible? Didn’t his parents teach him to adhere to a strict work ethic and value work?

No, he is relatively responsible and Yes his parents taught him well. But in his defense everyone needs to take a break once in a while.

So as I leave you in peace consider project killing 1 brain cell at a time to be well in progress. Only thing that can derail it is…

If a ka loose mama decide to stop 3N’s bilaz train and thus put everything on hold until further notice.

And you know only a serious doze of SBJ can derail project ulevi.

15 thoughts on “ma-excitoz

  1. Hee kijana!!

    Hii fire ya hanye umetoa wapi!! But neways, the average man dies with 3/4 of the brain cells intact … I see you aim high … above average … good luck

    damn!! I think am FAO again!!

  2. mwangi- are you competitive by any chance- just a random question. yaani, the way I was running. I get here and look……..

    let me read

  3. lol ulevi huh? yeah me too my roomie keeps kicking me out so that she can kula her jamaa so i inadvertently end up at the club… EVERYDAY!!

  4. Now you are putting serious hanye thoughts in my head. ok damn am joining you. leo ni half day.

    @Mimi tu ROTFLMAO – have you considered eating the jamaa with her? it cud be fun.

  5. @mwangi, my fiya for hanye is always burning. I have been taking dawa (responsibilities) to suppress it. Half the time I am successful.

    @mimi tu – I like your solution, very much in my area of expertise. I would also recommend inexes suggestion.

    @Acolyte, free pints is exactly what the bible refers to as manna from heaven.

    @inexes, enjoy your hanye as well and thanx for the brilliant suggestion to mimi tu.

    @Half ‘n’ half – seriously I do need help. Seriously, LOL

    @mocha, because you are nice like that, I will have not one but 3 for you.

  6. Plantation…HAHAHA…my friends and I use that term!
    Sasa jienjoy…be safe and take a shot of 151 for me!

  7. LOL! Aki It took me awhile to get ur point!
    Lakini Good Luck with ur hanyes n ur plans of gettin off da Bilaz Train! :=)
    Stay safe though!

  8. @Quintessence, 151 is harsh even for a seasoned veteran like me. I will substitute that with 3 shotoz of soco-lime.

    @egm, I will do a weekend update / recovery in progress sometimes next week.

    @Klara kwani you are a family member of the slowsky’s, unakosa ku nyita nini? thanks for the good wishes; I will let you personally know how my exit from BT goes.

  9. Derailment major, SBJ eh? How i wish…so i can get off this train…tried to encourage a revolt and hopefully by diminishing the number of males on the train, thus increasing my chances…didnt work!

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