T2T, Hitched and Rules of Engagement.


There are only three things I fear in life; midgets, a crying beautiful young lady and last but definitely not least, DEATH.

Unrelated to the above, a wise man once said to me, ‘you do not put all your cash in your wallet, kubaff wewe’, shortly thereafter the wise man handed back my empty wallet and disappeared.

Also unrelated to the above; it is my assumption that at one time in your life each one of you were a child.

And as a child we all know how excited and gleeful we got when we visited a toy shop or pitiad the local kiosk and saw a variety of beautiful eye catching candy lined up and ready for your taste buds.

That same excitement and innate greed for everything at once is what has derailed most grown folks from meaningful lifetime encounters.

And that brings me to the second point.


If you can look straight at a ‘tempted to touch situation’ and feel the urge to abstain, then it can be argued that one has overcome their gleeful uncontrolled desires and opted for…

A more meaningful, special kind of engagement that even the bootiest of all booty cannot derail.

And finally, Rules of Engagement

When such hitchery has occurred, there must be proper protocols set up to avoid future but permanent bitterness and or attempted murder.

Some people really go crazy, it is best to be prepared.

Trust must be the fundamental foundation for any such engagement. Frequent and hotly exchanged physical expression is also must.

My advise, a well drawn and adhered to schedule must be put in place. The bible tells us that faith without practice is dead…or something to that effect.

It is the same exact principle that has to be applied to this kind of engagement. Faith with repeated and uninhibited but gracefully shared…practice.

In conclusion, please remember to tip your bartenders!

14 thoughts on “T2T, Hitched and Rules of Engagement.


    a well drawn and adhered to schedule must be put in place–>Great idea.I support equally spread out timing and breaks.
    Faith with repeated and uninhibited but gracefully shared…practice–>AMEN BRATHA

    we agree trust is important kabisa, equally important is the physical expresssion,lack thereof might prolly leed to the said “permanent bitterness and or attempted murder.”

  2. Jeez man! I didn’t realize that you need rules of engagement and protocols, schedules and all those other procedures just to deal with a lusty situation.
    Too complicated for me I’ll just follow my instincts 🙂

  3. Did that old wise share advice for the ladies wearing Spags top na ka-skirt? how do they distribute their money?

    Again… Midget? toboa… cud it be ingrown fear form primo?

  4. Kirima, What do you mean you did not know there are rules of engagement? what world you live in?*smh* woiye pole

    Ok 3N: Midgets? and you met them where?

    Eeeh? Bar tender? kwani my mind was where?

  5. @ Empty wallet. Lol!!

    Reminds me of one time as a young ‘un, me and a few friends went to that place…(I forget the name, it had mingi rides including a giant banana that swung back and forth, round and round and when you chucked its like your insides had been rearranged). Anyway obohos ( I don’t like this term but that’s what they were called) must have twigged that place made for easy pickings for new mitush, so one time this dude goes up to a mama, promptly relieves her of her nice hat and then proceeds to chapa her on the head with it saying, ‘na nili kuambia nisikuone hapa tena’ like how now? I never understood that latter part.

  6. @ lol at that wallet storo…

    @ hitched vibe..trust is key..those engagement rules bana. Me huziogopa sana.
    As for tipping bartenders/waiters….i do that alot. Even buy sme watchies chai…

  7. Aki 3N! Where do u learn all this??mmmmm
    Lakini am all years listenin keenly..Go on teacher..Go on..(LOL)

  8. @betty, you can’t have too many breaks especially if its the ‘i have a headache’ ones.

    @majonzi- its more of a phobia, my psychiatrist will advise me when it is ok to do a whole post on it.

    @Kirima, you can’t hepa there have to be rules of engagement.

    @inexes, the wise man didn’t share much else and the only fear I have from primo is reading.

    @nusu-nusu, your mind is always there, the first step to recovery is itikiaing you know.

    @dshy, LMAO at your storo. yaani someone ibas your kibeti and chapas you with it, Only in Kenya

    @Unyc, I knew you were sweeet like that. now we have to work on your fear of getting hitched, lol

    @Klara – I am still learning so lets both keep our years open.

  9. What did the midgets do to you or did the untipped bartender set em on you…HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA
    Like the rules, make sense!

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