weekend recap

overall it was all good times; can’t wait for the next one kind of weekend. The hanye was top ten material. my question / observation from the said hanye…

Can anyone explain why a chile would see the need to seek attention from all the guys in a hanye?

What desperate levels does she have to be working with to demand and give back attention to every jamaa?

And why would fellow chile revelers be pissed by the attention seeking mami?

And if you are a jamaa and a chic is behaving like so; wouldn’t you be alarmed that no one has ‘taken care’ of her yet? Or you would mask you shame and approach injury time with a ‘kama ni mbaya ni mbaya’ mentality?

Another interesting note from the weekend

I think I have officially confirmed there is a certain level past which, my body boycotts and decides that unless I change what I am drinking it will get no higher.

Therefore I am looking for alternative social stimulants for the upcoming holiday weekend – suggestions welcome. And I have a potential job search (unrelated to my weekend mis adventures) so mary jane is definitely out.

funny shiit from the weekend

ati ‘let me try and if it doesn’t fit, forget I even asked’

and finally

never ever itikia to be labeled an alki even if there is overwhelming evidence against you.

Always tell them; you are Kenyan and that drinking is part of our rich tradition. In addition to long distance running of course.

18 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. some of them just love having ALL the attention on them-so they try as hard as possible to get it. maybe they get mini-orgasms from that.
    The things that alcohol does…woi.

  2. @udi you missed out on the good times lakini summer is just starting, more hanyes and mamas on the way

    @chatterly, ati mini-orgasms from attention…LOL – you are crazy.

    i hope you stay away from seeking ummmm mini-orgasms

  3. peeps always be hatin’ even when they shouldn’t. Attention-seeking thing is always symbolic of deeper issues!

    yes, its alki even if you are Kenyan… worse, coz its so normal. @ what point does it become a problem?

  4. @majonzi – it becomes a problem at the point when you can’t afford. LOL
    point taken, its alki even if one is kenyan.

  5. Attention seekers annoy because they soo obviously have bigger issues but cannot see it!

    Ati: let me try and if it doesnt fit forget I even asked?

  6. LMAO – Ati ka mbaya mbaya – daddi utadie. Kizuri chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza.

    I didn’t realise us Kenyans have a reputation until one time kwa Airport Lounge hapo Lagos kindu 9 am in the morning instead of coffee i asked for a cold Heinken – the waiteress with a straight face said, you must be Kenyan or Frenchman! I beamed with pride…

  7. Alcohol, attention, stakes, perhaps she saw that putting all her eggs in her basket would not work au?

  8. Kenyans are socially retarded alkis PERIOD!!!

    Yaani, its so bad that bouncers at a certain joint here semad they like our gigs coz we only use our fists and mdomo when fighting. Only thing is we ‘can’t’ handle our alcohol. LOL!!!

    Glad to see that even with povu in your system, you can still make ’em observations.

  9. 3N u r becomin more Interestin every day! LOL..U r observant dear, so observant..
    Attention seekers have self-confidence issues, If u r confidence of urself u dont need to seek any attention coz it gets to seek u..LOL

  10. eh, udi…club raymonds with DJ sheets, featuring MC pillow.

    hey, it makes the hanye an entertaining place. sitting at the bar watching a mama try and try and try (x10) to woo everyone..haha. nice to befriend one too. i did once at carni…she was into a zoongz…i was so jazzed.

    eh, 3N… mbaya ni ya nyoka, mentality ya kuua wadhii…hehe

  11. @Irena, I am glad that you don’t kiss and tell. LOL

    @farmgal, I try to observe as much as possible. I am carrying out a drunken unscientific social research. Updates will come as I attend more hanyes.

    @NusuNusu, bigger issues should be dealt with prior to going out. There is nothing sexy about looking desperate and giving.

    @Inexes, usijali siwezi kuitikia kwenda hivyo. Some of these jitembezaing fruits are better left uneaten.
    Heineken at 9am, I am not sure I can even pull that one. You are a true Kenyan

    @ Aegeus, yes she put all her eggs on display…but did she need to keep showing everyone the basket and offering to share them eggs?

    @mocha! it’s a social responsibility to stay on top even if I have to fight my alki symptoms to the dead end..

    @Klara, after thinking a lot about it, I believe her attention seeking behavior with credible threats of patianaing – it’s just slutty. In her defense though she was really drank – isn’t that excuse reserved for jamaas though?

  12. Jitembezeaing while drunk? I think I should attend some of these hanyes and jionee what goes on and that I usually just hear about second hand. Looks like interesting scientific findings can be found there!

  13. chatterly LOl ati mini-Os??ha!

    why mamas get pissed at the attention seeker?coz its just soooo pissing!

  14. Attention seekers, where do I start? They got serious issues so perhaps they use that to boost their own self esteem? Makes them feel good about themselves.

    Sasa now this one, if she survives till injury time bila receiving any attention, it now becomes your DUTY to give her that attention. As brother Shaft would say, “It is my duty, to please that booty!”
    Don’t let her go home depressed.

    Pombe ikilegea, do what I do. Have a shot of something strong after every two beers. Usually does the trick with these Tuskers coz I feel them nutting!

    Wakenya sisi ni ma alkies bigtime. We ought to accept that and move on.

  15. Archer, it seems we are committed to the same ideals; ulevi inc and project SBJ.

    On this particular mami, I heard later that she was also ‘jokingly’ hitting on mamas. She told a friend of mine – si you come and cheza with whats under my shuka…and all this time turns out she didn’t have anything other than a thong under the said shuka.

    She was unlucky because under the right circumstances jamaas do not let a chile like that go hungry.

    I am taking to heart you’re your recommendation. 1 shot per 2 beers, I am sure it will do the trick.

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