Would A Lion think Twice?

I do not advocate cruelty to animals.

In fact I think most animals are ok to live with especially if they do not bite, can be transformed into a nice hot meal and you do not have to pick up shit behind their lazy asses.

That being said, I get irritated by these PETA folks who put so much value on animals that perhaps they forget one thing.

Animals Do Not Give Two Shits.

Imagine this, it is 2018 and 3N has chosen to forgo nyama for more than a decade now.

He wears no wool, no hide…etc. Now in his mid 30’s has become a true PETA freak, mpaka he occasionally hugs trees to feel closer to nature.


On this particular afternoon dressed in Khaki shorts, safari boots and a hat, he is keenly observing a lion as it basks under the scorching sun of the Mara plains.

What 3N doesn’t know and of course the lion will not let on; is that the lion has not had a meal in a quite some time.

In fact it has also been keenly observing one healthy 3N and wondering if he will suffice for an afternoon of bring your own meat fiesta.

Long story short the lion makes a move in what can only be described as WTF happened split second!

3N now finds himself pinned down under the lion’s strong paws praying to the gods of PETA to save his flesh first and if they have enough time left, his soul.

But alas the gods of PETA never planned for this occasion. They loved and cared for all animals without regard to how the same animals would treat humans in their time of Need.

Luckily for 3N a ranger had heard the commotion and with one shot had beautifully splattered most of what was formally know as the lion’s brain matter on the ground.

And thanks to the park ranger the lion’s plan to force a premature meet and greet for 3N and his maker had now been abruptly halted.


The moral of this story is: Everything in life including passion for animals has to be logical and measured.

We should not be inhumane to animals but we must also understand and appreciate why some of them are also carnivorous.

Life is a cycle and if we don’t play our part and subscribe to People Eating Tasty Animals, we are also failing nature.


24 thoughts on “Would A Lion think Twice?

  1. Fao!!

    Humans are animals, you rightly suggest … but what makes us different is the extra sense that we possess … it is called the “Kaigoto” … google it, you will see …

  2. People Eating Tasty Animals? Haha!

    What I find interesting about these characters who insist that animals have human rights is that even though they’re busy campaigning, for example, against the wearing of fur, they still wear leather belts, jackets, and buy ridiculously expensive leather handbags and other accessories. That doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    But I like how you’re thinking.

    Off to google Kaigoto. me I thought it was something in kyuk!

  3. In my “cleverness” I did actually google kaigoto!

    PETA guys are tooo ruthless, I watched them once harassing people and it turned me off!

  4. Me too i googles it. It asked if i meant “Mai Goto”… Now in Kimeru, thats not too clean LOL.

    @2Halfs – care to expound ‘turned you off’… just kidding

  5. yaani blogger ate my comment – aaargh! Let’s see if I can remember…

    Such show of extremism I do not understand especially when there are humans dying left right and centre of hunger and strife.

    And did I see a mama hugging a cock (the ingokho variety!) on wikipedia?

  6. Mi nafanya google search ya Kaigoto, na-get mse anaitwa “shobu kirafuta” kiriaree I am missing something there

  7. Interesting topic and I think have learnt a good deal from this lesson. Ill be back and hope to see you around.. 🙂

  8. @Archer, pia wewe you were gullible to google Kaigoto?

    It’s like those tree huggers who make huge billboards and pamphlets using paper while campaigning to save trees.

    @NusuNusu – like inexes asked, expound on ‘turned you off’…LOL

    @Ichiena pole your comment was deleted. That’s another good point; as much as animals and trees are important couldn’t some of the passion and resources be dedicated to starved human beings?

    – mama’s have been known to hug on too many cocks…of course the ingokho kind. LOL

    @Pikei, I will be humble and admit I saw the People Eating Tasty Animals from a car sticker.

    Lakini like the bible writers, I do get credit for letting the message pass through me.

    @Half’n’Half – ati you googled and found who doing what in those movies?

  9. last? No, a lion wouldn’t think twice. I have heard there’s people who will not kill any living thing for a meal… even fruits and vegetables.. they only eat them if they have fallen off a tree!! LOL! now, 3N these are the folks who will not live to hear about the lion attacking u in 2018!!

  10. I don’t know how true this is, but I once heard that some guy who had registered peta.org (people eat tasty animals) and got sued by the nutcases decided to get back at them in a very good way. On the day of handing over ownership, he organized a major barbeque at the venue and insisted the exchange had to take place there. Needless to say, peta nutcases were the least bit amused.

  11. Now This is an Interesting Turn, 3N from a hanye advisor to an an animal *Anti-Crusader*! LOL!
    Kip it Coming..

  12. @Majonzi ati people won’t eat fruit? That is freaking insane – kwani how much pain does a banana feel when it’s getting peeled? I pity them fools.

    @egm – if that is not cold hearted revenge, I don’t know what is. Because I am sure it is a felony to mishandle a dog in the US, if even I am arrested I will ask the judge to deport me home. Upon my arrival at JKIA I will have asked my relas to bring a few stray doggies that I will surely rain my frustration on.

    @Klara I keep telling you pay attention to prof. 3N and you might learn enough to walk way in good time.

    @Quintessence thanks for the best wishes – si you know I had to survive so I can meet at the lodge later that night…lol

  13. Mazee ilibidi nikai google Kai Goto. Unajua Japanese na Kyuk ni ka lugha moja, na mi si understand neither! So please fill me in on what it is coz I’ve missed the bus entirely!

  14. Archer pia mimi huklaim am a kyuk and I have missed this whole ‘kaigoto’ business.

    mwangi si you explain?

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