Head Explosion

No not that head…chatterly and the kind please get your mind out of the gutter, and permanently for that matter.

As I was saying jobo has stressed me vibaya – apparently there are some freaking idiots who want to make sure 3N’s life at work is quite miserable.

To make it worse it’s not even my coworkers or boss, ni wajinga wengine tume out source for a project – stupid bastards.

These are the times that you wish you had an axis of evil friend and he can help bring sense and logic to such useless characters.


The long weekend is almost here, for obvious reasons it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am subscribing to Archer’s advise: 2 beers, 1 shot until infinity and or blackout.

My congratulation to all kbw’ers who are graduating or have graduated this spring. Kudoz to nyinyi, wazazi wenyu, bf/gf’s, and one night standers who helped you through the tough times in college.

I digress….

“You are all winners” dumbest comment that Paula Abdul keeps repeating on Idol. Tell me ms. Paula, if we are all winners how comes Bill Gates has those billions in the bank?

Or PacMan can take 80K to the club and make it rain? I can hardly make it thuthua in a 1 dollar titty bar and you say were are all winners? Kondoo wewe!

I just have to write this…she cried tears of joy and sought a towel to dry.

And for another tag please answer the following questions if your baby daddy or misses will not fret. I challenge akina klara and chatterly kwanza or whomever is daring enough.

1. last time you indulged – self and or opposite sex assisted? Huku si Massachusetts!

2. favorite position

3. weirdest place

4. utopian fantasy

peace out, enjoy your weekend everyone

23 thoughts on “Head Explosion

  1. You are funny. You start off with a request for folks not to think a certain way, lakini you maliza post with a call to discuss that very certain way of thought!

    Yeah to the 3-day weekend! Yaani leo feels like a Friday so badly! And kadhaa folks, including mdosi, are taking kesho off. I’m tempted to pull a major Mental Health Day stunt myself…

  2. Yani Chatterly, why are you picked on like this!!!!Is there weight to the suggestions?

    “They”(whoever they are) they say, “no one sets out to deliberately make your work difficult” but every day..I prove “them” wrong. I do believe they are people who set out to make people’s working lives a misery. at least the week i winding up.

    as for your tagging business…….I think your number four and six wires are touching!

  3. Seems like you have already taken the 2 beers and 1 shot.

    Tried racking my brain trying to remember what holiday we have in May apart from Labourday. Ninakupa mji – Lungalunga.

    This tag of yours, I can do the post in 5 minutes.

  4. Ms. Abdul IRKS me with that comment too.
    Before you go tagging folk si you answer the questions?!!!!

  5. I see my advice is being put to some good use! It works! Its the perfect blackout formula. (lakini ukifa usinipigie simu!)

    Kwani Madaraka day starts how early in Stato? That’s so unfair!

    Now, about the tag, I concur with Quintessence. It’s not fair for you to tag others without first answering the questions yourself! Halafu hii mambo ya majibu ya kando kando hatutaki! Chatterly TOBOA!!

  6. @three types of crazy…i dont know what i did to deserve being picked on like that 😀
    @archer…si u have enough info, ama ile dose haikutosha?
    @3N-si you go ahead and we follow..jibu hizo swalis kwanja

  7. @Bomseh and Archer, it’s Memorial Day in stato on Monday, so we have that day off. Can’t wait for end of day to fika!

  8. @egm, its furahi day today – don’t go too mental over the weekend. We need you to do another podcast ya iiingi eem.

    @3typesofcrazy – chatterly is picked on sababu she is easy going. Lakini she hasn’t responded to the tag yet, she is jifichaing somewhere – I will get her though.

    @Bomseh, I was as sober as a nun on Sunday morning when I wrote the post. The holiday is US and its memorial day or something, all I know its 3 straight days of raha.

    @Quintessence, why are you busting my balls on this (pun really intended). I will post mine over the weekend though.

    @Archer, I think chatterly feared she would send it to me privately and then I would publish it.

    Come to think of it we can appoint someone then publish the answers anonymously and try to guess who the blogger is.

    @Klara, you are my kind of chile – I am watching and waiting eagerly for your list. Seriously!

  9. 1. juzi juzi tu, in a mind perplexing, heavenly tango of two.

    2. ok this one is relative, what is the subject we are dealing with.

    Kuna wale you can cum from behind, ama wale miguu juu alafu you chapa the exact spot like it owes you money.

    Kuna reverse cow girl if you get bored. Variety is key, surprise each other. No handcuffs please.

    3. behind one of those mabati kiosks at home – during the day. It had to be done!

    4. at a high level meeting like the presidential dais and she is organizing a bj under the table while I am answering questions to the press or something.

    I call it Clintoniish, saving the world one bj at a time.

    Last but not least, rule of thumb: it is my pleasure to pleasure YOU first.

    p.s. i reserve the right to deny that I am who you think I am.

  10. Track the IP Address of this nani. or is it nyani? we need to know who s/he is. Interesting. Now 3N follow with your answers.

  11. @bomseh, my technical team has been working on this IP address but have not yielded anything yet. Apparently this nani? is quite tech savvy.

  12. pole about stress ya job, at least u can take consolation this weekend 🙂 have a fab weekend, won’t you?

  13. we ni mwenda. U strt saying no sex thots alafu later ziko. u mind is always in the gutter sio…lol.
    Mathare escapee.

  14. Contraditions dadii!! Ati get your mind out of the gutter then after you are done with us tena you ask …ahem!

  15. uuuii that tag is a mad one..hehe chatterly na klara kwanini privates??

    ati anaa holiday ib may?mmmh gani hiyo?

  16. @Klara, of course you can do a private one, ama an anonymous one like ‘nani?’

    @princess, the weekend was indeed a blast – update post coming up soon.

    @Unyc – kwanza I have been reading rumors ati pia wewe una mind iko tu kule chini na sisi, are they true?

    @aegeus – that’s how my kichwa is most of the time, contradicted.

    @betty, the holiday which just pitad is Memorial Day for the folks on the US side.

    Basi betty si you show akina klara and chatterly and do the tag?

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