stori za weekend

<————Evidence, beer & victims not displayed!

to start off, I am still not fully back to jobo – at least mentally. I am drained vibaya but I understand 3 straight days of hanye mpaka 5 in the morning will usually do this.

Second, I am officially opening up bidding for new friends because I tell you if this past weekend is a testament of our bright future as friends, I swear we will all go down together.

Highlights were many – especially from the drinking games, uncoordinated drunken singing, and people blacking out at different times and places.

Only draw back was lack of continuous strokez due to privacy issues.

For most, it was either a weekend of mwenjoyos bila sex but I can bet there are a few daring ones who silently and creatively executed quickies throughout the weekend.

Unless of course someone can explain 1 hour showers with their better half.

Worth telling, consider this:

It’s 2:30 am on Sunday night, last night at the vacation home. We have now kunywad enough over the last two days that even Archer’s formula (2 beers, 1 shot x infinity) has become a redundant joke to our bodies.

We are all bored until one young lady comes up with a suggestion. She says ‘why don’t we get out there and do something, like play hide and seek?

We oblige.

so during the hours of 2:30am till 4:00am 10 mid – to late twenty something revelers were crisscrossing strange backyards and porches each taking their drinks of choice with them as we tapo’ed till the wee hours of the morning.

It was crazy fun I must say, but at least you can see where am coming from when I seek new friends.


Whenever I see a Mexican young lady the first thing I do is glance at her tummy to check if she is pregnant.

Somehow Mexicans in the US have amuad that when it is all said and done, there will be more Mexicans living here than are in Mexico.

Carry out your own research and tell me if for every 5 Mexican women you come across at least 3 of them won’t be expecting. And also notice the 2-5 kids also accompanying the pregnant lady.

Marriage: seems like my friends have now started to marry or get married, which is ok but it goes to show that 3N must be aging.

I even noticed a few (only four so far) white hairs on my head and am only in my mid 20’s. Its cool though, no pressure at all for me.

One can only feel pressure if you are in the early 30’s with a balding partially white haired head and you are single or still subscribing to Sex Bila Jokes.

and why did folks stay away from the sex tag, are kbw’ers that chicken?

Enjoy your week everyone and be productive.

21 thoughts on “stori za weekend

  1. FIRST!

    Just browsed through and made a very interesting observation. I wonder if anyone else will be as keen as I was.

    Off to read it again.

  2. I can trade friends with you. Your weekend almost sounds like the one I had!
    On Mexicans…ROFLMBAO, is all I’m saying
    What was the observation? That he fleetingly moved from conversation on sex? That he is a kbw’er and has not been a pace-setter on his sexual questions? That he alternated using caps and lower case?

  3. @Archer – let’s see if anyone observes the same thing.

    @quintessence, you know this is the second time we have had the ‘same’ kind of weekend.

    Are you a closet blogger from my crew of friends?

    oh and I did answer the sex-tag…look carefully

  4. That is too much drinking for one weekend. Weren’t you guys worried about the long-term effects of alcohol?


  5. @mwangi – it is considered borderline criminal in some circles to even think of ‘too much alcohol’

    as for long term effect of alcohol, the only one I am aware of is monetary deficiency disorder or MDD.

  6. Next tyme u r playing hide n seek pliz do holla n i’ll fly there.
    I think its gd 2 do sme stupid childish things once in a while. 2 just indulge n hv CONTROLLED fun.
    trust me thats a gd survival skill.

  7. @Quintessence: no. Try again. Its something really simple by the way.

    @3N: do you even know it yourself? LOL! It seems like something subconscious.

  8. @Archer, I was about to admit earlier I don’t know it either. I am sure once you mention it, it will make sense.
    My bet is that it’s not subconscious.

  9. Archer, i think i see what you mean but i shall see you sideways first before i stick my foot in my mouth!

  10. @ Archer + Aegeus: I have a sneaky suspicion y’all are the ones making assumptions … beware it’s the mother of all fuck-ups!! hehe … let’s see …

  11. @archer & aegus – now I am convinced you are all playing a joke on me, I can’t see anything…

    you have me re-reading my own posts like a zillion times

  12. Are you sure you were playing hide& seek? It wasnt cha mama cha baba under the cloak of darkness?

  13. lol @ wanja… i wondered the same too. i had totally forgotten about tapo…seems like you all had a good time.

  14. ALA…kulikuwa na sex tag?

    LOL…and here I was thinking mwenjoyoz was in the UK tuu!!!

    Nice one!

  15. That was one hell of aweekend!!
    That Sex Tag, mine’s coming up we neeed see urs soon pia..

  16. @unyc, nita kuaalika the next time we cheza tapo. Kaa ready!

    @WanjaKihii & Kabinti – I thought of pulling a cha mama and cha baba lakini the mama refused to play her part. Nitajaribu tena next time.

    @mocha, there is mwenjoyoz pia huku but I want to tear up UK one time. I will holla sababu I know you represent vibaya.

    @klara, don’t tell anyone but I did mine as nani? in the previous post, you jua I am kidogo shy.

    @chatterly – si at least you can be my friend since you lengad me on unyc storo and went home with a bad driver – Kirima.

  17. hehe 3n…talk to me nicely…i can make a wonderful friend 🙂 but first ask kirima if he is ok with it.

  18. Chatterly, I don’t know if Kirima told you this but we were discussing an arrangement where he could allow you to be just more than a friend to mwa 🙂
    And I thought, he is such a gentleman – and how can I turn down chatterly?

  19. I see some Bacardi Big Apple on that shelf. Good memory-erasing substance. That Haitian dude on the show “Heroes” learnt his skills from that drink. big up.

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