Questions: Money or Love?


Would you rather have a wealthy husband who treats you emotionally just ok but can afford to take good material care for you and your children or…

A man who loves and cares and values you and is always there for his family but is seriously on the wrong side of the coin?

And throw out potential here when answering this question – I am asking would you stay with a man who you know for sure will be forever in the low income class, but he will always be there for his family?


Would you marry a woman who is wealthier than you and will definitely and forever be the bread winner for your family?

24 thoughts on “Questions: Money or Love?

  1. Noticed the same thing as I did yesterday, which as I said isn’t something big. All the paragraphs, save for about two or three, consist entirely of one paragraph. Yaani all your sentences are one paragraph long.

    I don’t mind my wife earning more than I do, and putting the food on the table, just as long as she gives me the respect that I deserve as a man, as her husband and as the head of the family.

  2. Sorry, each paragraph consists of one sentence only. My bad.

    By the way, I’m FIRST, SECOND and THIRD! Beat that!

  3. Question! why is the man SERIOUSLY on the wrong side of the coin? is he jobless? is he a gambler? and what is he doing to be on the right side of the coin?

  4. @Archer, you are took top 3 I see.
    quite an observation – I would have never guessed it. Now I will be thinking about one sentence paragraphs whenever I write.

    Don’t you think in times of arguments and especially money related your wife wouldn’t raise the issue that you earn less? And if she ever did wouldn’t that shatter your ego into little pieces?

    @Chatterly, the man works hard but he is not successful. Remember there are people who do right in their lives but are never able to increase their means. This is the man I am talking about.

    If he is a gambler or lazy then of course you shouldn’t be with him in the first place.

  5. For me, love over money any given day!!! As long as he’s not a lazy arse. Material things, I reckon, fade after the initial excitement.

  6. Like I always say and I say it again, money is not everything; it is the only thing. Life has changed, for the worse.
    Still, if I have a woman who earns more than I do, fine with me so long as there is love coming my way. Problem is that even such women want to be bought for gifts hence women who earn a lot look for men who earn more. Otherwise they boost their ego too much.

  7. My take on this is that:
    Love > money
    Repect+Love+Commitment >>> money

    Love is necessary & true love aint evil.
    Money is a necessary evil but nonetheless evil.

    A wife earning more than me? why not. Am sure there’s a bunch of stuff I do better than her too so we’d even out fine.

    What’s your views on this 3N?

  8. Money makes the world go round.. No romance without finance!!! Like someone asked, why is the jamaa on the other side of the coin? Love is necessary but at the same time I have heard others say “love does not put food on the table” LOL

  9. I will take LOVE anyday. ANYDAY. I think love is a sufficient and necessary condition for happiness … money is not!!

  10. Thought the questions posed were interesting…

    My opinion, since you said that I’d be sure he would always be on the wrong side of the coin (you killed hope), and your description of the wealthy man was that he treated me ok… so I take no abuse exists here… University is expensive and I want my kids educated. It’s a selfless act 🙂 Man with the means wins. (just keeping it real)

  11. I know for sure even if we are broke for the rest of our life, I will always be with the man that I love. The man I love, I hope will not be condemned to perpetual poverty, lakini what am I doing? Si I can make money too? maybe life dealt him mbaya and he doesn’t have a degree or whatever, I will put him through school, as he would have if it was me. Love is not perfect, but I’d rather be “poor” than rich and miserable.

  12. @Quintessence, I agree material fascination will fade after some time. But will Love be strong enough to hold you together in times of material need?

    @Bomseh, LOL at money is not everything; it is the only thing! I would want to protect my ka small EGO at all costs.

    @akiey, my opinion. I believe I would rather have love & happiness over money. On the issue of money and since we do not live in utopia of equality, I would prefer to be the provider of my family.

    @Irena said…that is harsh, you take money over love? But then as you say what is love without a meal on you plate….quite the

    @Movie Buff – what was the hiatus about, welcome back!

    @Mwangi – wouldn’t you rather not have happiness but at least be able to fake it a little with tons of money in your bank?

    @Mimmz – well put, and truth be told I believe most women would take the ok man as long as there is no abuse.
    The fact that most unions break up because of money issues means that somehow love by itself might not be enough.

    @Majonzi, good point raised. Most men would do anything to improve the status of the woman they love but I feel and maybe I am mistaken, women do not see themselves as the provider and would rather opt out and settle with someone they do not have to help uplift from a miserable life.
    Kudos to you.

  13. if he is deadbroke 24/7 we have a problem. Love and deadbroke are like oil and water, they dont mix. me i fear brokeness. and after being a broke student i dont see myself doing the broke thing voluntarily AGAIN. and then think about this:you are the woman who brings the bacon home and one day you find your broke man eating another chicks muff in your bed. i think i have watched movies mob 🙂

  14. Why lie! I would marry then man with the money! And kamat strokes with the other one! LOL

  15. Of course my ego would be seriously bruised if my wife ever pointed out the fact that she earns more than I do. But being an African man who’s role as a provider has been drilled into us, it’s not ati I’ll be sitting back doing nothing as my wife earns more than I do! (assuming there’s a great disparity, like she’s earning 300k and I’m earning 10k) I’ll be somewhere working my ass of to pull my own weight around!

    I know lots of men whose wives earn more than they do (but not like the 300k:10k above) and they are not at bothered. As long as the respect is there.

  16. @Chatterly, your are killing me, love bila chumz is impossible? And can you imagine jamaas are daring, they can be ‘kept’ and still have the audacity to cheat, we are one tough nut to crack.

    @Half ‘n’ half, you are thinking like most women DO.

    @Archer, point taken – you have to work hard to improve your situation. And if your wife is fair and the ratio 300k: 10k, she will help you change that to a more presentable ratio.

  17. Agree with Akiey’s formula. As for her earning more than me, that is a non issue if we both love and respect each other as we should.

  18. Seeing as most men are adulterous even when they claim to love a lady, I will go with money.!!

  19. love anytime.
    Money I can always make my own if I really need loads more than we have at that moment…
    Lakini bummin on the part of the man is a no-no. Even temporarily.

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