NBA Finals – Lebron Must Go!

I really need Lebron to do something stupid. He is 22 and about to venture into ‘jordanesque’ fame and that really doesn’t sit well with me and I have my reasons.

One, his team is in the eastern conference which means if he leads his it to the finals every year my PISTONS will have to fold their tails for a long time.

Two, he single handedly manhandled the said pistons. He took them apart like Moses did when he created a highway in the middle of the red sea. They basically bent and took it over and over again from the back.

It’s as if they were waiting for him to decide he has wekad them enough. Stupid, Stupid, Pistons; I am still a fan but with a tortured psyche right now. I need therapy after watching such a disgusting display of pistons basketball.

Three, I am a huge KOBE fan. Yes he might have put it in a Colorado white girl; bought a 4 million dollar ring to apologize to his wife (I think that was the dumbest move by a married man since Adam kulad that apple), Kobe is also a bit arrogant; and refuses to be a hip hop hardcore poster boy that everyone expects him to be. But he in my eyes is the greatest basketball player alive. (not of all time but actively playing, correction by the Don)

And what does Lebron do to Kobe’s resurrecting career and image, he shoves it up in his face and declares it’s Lebron Mania until someone does something totally outrageous on or off the hardwood.

Final reason, Lebron is a nice guy. And this is where I need his help. Lebron if you are reading this – and my bet is you are not – I will need you to do something stupid that will taint your reputation a little. You can go with things like; making it rain like Pac Man Jones, how about some domestic violence accusations, why not even a dog fighting ring like our good friend Michael Vick or the ever popular mysterious gun & a sprinkle of weed in your car?

I don’t care, whatever it is that you need to do, just do it! You don’t know how difficult it is to root against a young scandal free highly talented, ambitious, humble black man. Even the white people haven’t figured this one out….YET – and on that note, good luck Obama!

As for my pistons, someone better get fired or traded. There has to be a logical ending to this disappointment.

For now I will jump on Timmy’s bandwagon. Go Spurs!

17 thoughts on “NBA Finals – Lebron Must Go!

  1. @unyc – long time no see, I see you updated the story, I am off to read – expecting good things for 3N

  2. Ati Kobe is the best player alive. Kwani you satrted watching NBA when? Have you heard of Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and the greatest of all time- Michael Jordan. When a word is coined from your name, there is no one who can ever reach ur status. No one can be jordanesque. Hata wakimeza wembe

  3. @Udi – I started watching bball kitambo, what I meant is that Kobe is the best player actively playing.

    and I don’t think Jordan is very far and above the likes of Magic, Bird & Russel.

  4. Let’s go Cleveland!!

    clap clap clap clap!1

    Naona wee ni hata mbaiya mboff!! Cleveland will nullify Spurs kizimwi!!

  5. Salute to the KING….lebron learnt and learnt well, from kobe, be humble and from iverson, don’t have cornrows or talk smack about gays. That public image is perfect I don’t think he is going to ruin it. and in two years he is about to be maxed twice…I respect this young’un.

    Anyway the finals should be fun bruce lui kang bowen is gonna have his hands full…I’m riding with bron and the east.

  6. @mwangi – you are about to join pikei on the wrong side of 3N speaks. I bet an expose post if Cleveland beats Spurs, you can choose the topic.

    @msanii, I agree Bruce Bowen will have his hands full but I think Lebron will not tear down Spurs defense as he did to the pistons. Coaching might be the key in this series and Popovich is far more experienced than Lebron’s coach.

    Unless Lebron is hall of fame talent and wins like Magic did in his first final. If he did I would have to give it to him lakini until then, go Spurs.

  7. The last time I watched an NBA game was many years ago when I was an active player, once I retired, that was the end. Plus there’s a virtual blackout of NBA in Kenya. Therefore I’m not only floating up in here, I’m actually doing the backstroke!

  8. @phassie, pikei – Jesus told a congregation once that his father was the ONLY KING so ditto for Lebron. Plus JC also told them that those who laugh last laugh best – or something of the sort; he said a lot of things some of which I can’t remember.
    Long story short, enjoy your short Lebron mania, you have two weeks before Spurs spank Cleveland proper.

    @Archer – that happens to me whenever I visit home lakini since I am die hard NBA I follow scores & highlights online.

  9. Awe Man, that was funny. I am right there with you 3N. I wanted Detroit to be there too. But the poor performance by Billups, Sheed, and Co did not help much.

    But the Spurs are licking their paws and chops right now and thats vindication enough for me right now, but a sweep would be even better and I hate the West (Sorry Kobe).

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