When hope fails

…take two Viagra pills and pray to the Greek god of pusssyondemand and get to work. Expanding more on POD, I have always wondered why some women who double unofficially as UN workers do not see it advisable to charge for a commodity that is held in high regard by their frequent flying male customers?

Everyone knows of a certain UN principled lady that has a hard time saying no to anyone. Such a generous UN worker has been known to distribute sexual refuge to multiple starving and greedy men. The lady will often open her workshop and hold seminars on the easy penetration and distribution of POD.

Question is why doesn’t the UN worker charge? What is more demeaning; carrying around free and over used pinky or hosting a highly expensive pinky with less mileage on it and a phat bank account to go along? And trust me I am not saying you make a living on it, that would be prostitute like and God knows there are already too many of those.

I am saying make it a hobby and or a part time job kinda thing. One could easily increase their annual income while attending to a basic societal need and having fun at it. And only clowns can argue their jobs achieve this.

And as Cartman of South Park poignantly puts it:

It’s a man’s obligation to stick his boneration in a women’s separation; this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

And I say:

It is a woman’s duty to receive the said boner in a respectful and cordial manner; her acceptance should be subject to monetary compensation if the said penetrator does not have any genuine affection for the penetrated.

Disclaimer: If you are not a member of this department of the UN please take no offense but advise the members accordingly.

10 thoughts on “When hope fails

  1. looooooooooooooooooool hahahahaha someone feels strongly about loose mamas… they have become like a disease they spread rapidly lol and they are widespread

  2. mimi tu, ati rapidly and widely…LOL

    Anonymous, UN stands for United Nations the international organization that generously helps anyone in need

  3. Ala!
    there is nothing like loose mama’s…that is part of the workshop handouts!
    But that south park quote: priceless

  4. ROFL…Haki ya nani, I should stay away from all things comedic until I heal up before my stitches pasuka on me. Watched a very funny simpsons jana, man oh man..I’ve been banned from watching comedy central..
    My first time here, ken you brave it?
    off to read more of your stuff, you’re one funny guy..

  5. UN chics, don’t I know who they are? All I can say is if you have dished, don’t hate on me because I am conservative.

  6. Hehe! UN? That quote for Cartman is too funny! Let me add one of my own.

    “Men get and forget,
    Women give and forgive!”

    (c) Archer, 2007

  7. @Half ‘n’ half, loose mamas are quite interesting to watch from a far, I agree.

    @Medusa, they say comedy is good for your soul so stay up on it, I recommend watching a lot of South Park, a classic cartoon in my view.

    @Anonymous, and remember not to hate on those who dish coz they have chosen a slut career path, lol.

    @Archer, amen to that. Men are by nature more ‘forgetful’ about said seminars.

    @Klara, we are not just talking of one chile….it is many undercover of them. They are not even flirts sana, they just focus on unleashing. Lakini usiwa blame they an essential part of the cycle of life.

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