Poor Jeff!

The Accused: Jeff Koinange, formerly Africa Chief Correspondent, CNN.

Key Attributes: Successful international journalist of Kenyan decent.

Career Highlight: Sought after reporter during Katrina. Added the authentic, chaotic, destitute reporting that only a journalist who has covered Sierra Leone’s civil war could!

Accusation: Ambiguous at best; date rape? Affair? Who Knows?

The Accuser: One Ms. Marianne Briner. A Swiss national with key business engagements in Africa and especially Kenya.

Key Attributes: Swiss National

Career Highlight: Testified in 2005 that she had a secret relationship with former Kenyan President, Daniel Arap Moi.

Intention: Unclear, published blog with emails from their exchange with Koinange. Publicity stunt, bitterness? Who Knows?

Facts: Koinange did have an affair with said Ms. Briner. Ms. Briner also has had or claims to have had affairs with other senior Kenyan ministers.

Damage: Nothing major, just Jeff Koinange’s Career as a respected international journalist.

Side Note: Ms. Briner continues her life in a secret location in Spain.

3N Advise to Koinange: Do as Kobe did but skip the 4 million dollar ring. It is a fact there was an affair; admit it and start a 12 step character / career resurrection program. I pray you will not need to use any of your KTN’s contacts.

Spend your savings / investments wisely, the western corporate world is never eager to forgive a successful African individual.

Conclusion: Do Not have an affair with a Swedish Woman who has already accused your country’s President and cabinet ministers. Choose your affairs in the future wisely!

more on this story here

15 thoughts on “Poor Jeff!

  1. The bigger issue for Jeff is not so much this woman but rather that he paid for the stories in Nigeria, no?

    I would think so!

  2. @ Movie buff: Paying for stories is supposedly standard practice. It’s just that the public only cares if they are explicitly told so … otherwise, the prevailing attitude is we don’t give a fuck where and how the juicy story came about as long as it’s juicy …

  3. ok ,me i think that woman is just whoring around and making money outta the scandals..i’ve shibad that storo of hers!

  4. I’m sure cucu Briner still has lollipop wrappers from Olaf, her class 2 love interest, shortly before he killed her storo and ran off to the swings with Maria the blonde from 2 East.

    Rape is a very serious allegation. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t. I wouldn’t defend Jeff if he did. But without solid proof (i.e following the proper laid down procedures) that Jeff did commit such an act, I can’t support her claim.

    And how is it that she always has something to gain after her relationships with the high and mighty come to an end?

    Again I ask, don’t you wonder how Jeff is defending his affair to his wife?

    Someone has tampered with her blog by the way. Hmm…I wonder who.

  5. @movie buff, I was also reading the same thing as mwangi says, journalists do bribe for connections to stories its only that we don’t know about it. CNN lucked out to have that excuse to fire Jeff.

    @betty, I was really shocked to find out this is not the first time she has had affairs with a high profile Kenyan. I concur, she is whoreish in her agendas.

  6. As i said in my post on the same…be very careful who you associate with…when some stuff that you did not wish come to light….wacha tu!

  7. such is life. Koinange made the biggest mistake— a married man he had an affair!! tsk tsk ….. As for rape, only Briner and Koinange know the truth.

    Iko tu swali moja– Generally, when women don’t press charges against rapists its coz they are ashamed/afraid etc. Now, Briner hardly fits that profile seeing as she published all on her blog…. hmmm, why?

    And Koinange needs to wachana with rough sex (j/k)

  8. Drama, Slander, Gossip, Betrayal, Politics, Bribery etc. All the ingredients of a bestseller or Hollywood blockbuster.
    Coming soon!!! I expect

  9. Am sooo tired of this woman. She has a need to be the centre of attention.

    I ofcourse like any normal human being do not condone rape at all…. but this story is trully confusing! has she reported to the proper authorities? ARRGH! let her stay there in spain! Dare I say that I have never quiet taken to Jeff?

  10. Oh?… well, throw rocks at me and call me slow…..

    Don’t get me wrong, rape is a very very serious issue…

    Am I the only one seeing the melodrama possessed by this woman?

    And I just loooove how this story will Not help her sell her book.[or so she says] What world does she live in? *smh*

    I truly concur… “Poor Jeff”

  11. @Archer….please stop tampering with her ‘blog’ unless you want to be on the list of the accused. On a serious note though, this mama has major character issues, I am surprised she is getting airtime.
    And I think Jeff’s wife is probably waiting for this whole saga to end before she pounces on him for the affair.

    @Majonzi & Half ‘n’ half: good point, if it was indeed rape I would imagine Briner would have already alerted police. And if the accusation for rape is minutely probable I tell you Jeff would be behind bars today!

    @Kirima, apparently the woman has a tell all book about Jeff, akina Moi and his peoples. I think Jeff fell into a well planned publicity stunt.

    @Movie Buff, I am surprised Kenyan media hasn’t made this story more public and attacked this woman’s character. And oh, the book release is just a weird coincidence…who is she kidding?

  12. “never bed below the stairs people, they will go to the papers…or in this case:blogs!” case closed.

  13. @3N: I had to “switch off” her blog. I was getting a bit bored and increasingly pissed off by her nonsense.

    Ati you really believe the wifey is chilling for this to blow over before she rukias him? If that marriage survives, I’ll be very surprised.

  14. sijui niseme. seems like our boy blundered…mbaya…with the wrong b***ch! he should have known better.

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