2007 MPI Annual Customer Survey

I would like to thank every customer personally for their continued support in the past year. Please take a few minutes of your time and fill out the 2007 survey.

You can either submit your answers by snail mail (address below) or via our email address at mpi2007survey@wananchi.com

All surveys returned with a clear name and address will be entered to receive our 2008 catalogue and two samples of the 2008 silk & shiny Upgrade-U fashion line.

Below is the survey:

1. If you are no longer a user of our garments please indicate the time (Month & Year) that you ceased using our great products.

2. Please explain your reason if your answer to number 1 is No. If possible indicate your substitute for our products.

3. Please advise us what we can do at MPI to regain your business. All suggestions are genuinely welcome!


James Kinyanjui

Owner & Managing Director

Malaika Petticoat Industries, Limited.

P.O. Box 4576 Thika, Kenya

16 thoughts on “2007 MPI Annual Customer Survey

  1. @Inexes, I am sure you aren’t the only one who will be changanyikiwad, I was too.

    As aegeus urges will the ladies please do the honor…

  2. i think this is a petti issue that only ladies can coat us with facts.

    LOL! like inexes, i was lost kabisa…and yes, do people…ladies still wear petticoats? hiyo ni ile yule dame wangu huvaa ananidanganya ni nightdress?

  3. LOL! I almost got fooled there..Now 3N which company is this again??
    Aki u r nuts!! Ati Petticoats?? LOL! Wore them last in Lower Primary n that’s coz they were part of the dressing them..Dont ask what’s replaced them! LOL
    LOL!! Sure?? U dont know the difference between the Two??

  4. @Majonzi, you don’t? You mean you walk around just….

    @Kirima, I am relieved to hear that you have never worn one, LOL

    @modo, that’s how we are approaching business starting fiscal year 07/08 to transform it into Linjaare and Night Dresses.

    @farmgal, for legal purposes I can’t say whether or not I own it. Now if you could fill out the survey, I will forward your answers to the ‘owners’.

    @Klara, what is the difference between the two? By the way do you have a vintage one from Lower Primo? These are the kind of things you save to show your daughter 15 yrs from now.

  5. REALLY truly…PETTICOATS…WTF!!! It’s a challenge wearing surus in the summer now we add petticoats???

  6. klarah, how am i supposed to know, i’ve never seen a petticoat. when they were worn i was too young to undress any chick…when i was old enough to undress i saw…LORD HAVE MERCY!

  7. MY gosh, I read this yesterday and thought, “what is this?” but was too afraid to comment lest I offend the petty coat wearers. who does know what a petticoat is? Did you never go into njiris or whatever that store was called.They had them in ALL materials…..like rows and rows of them.

    Okay there is a high chance I have said too much. Yes, I wore them. In some circles they were called “half slips”.

    What replaced them? Let’s just say someone coined the phrase, “flaunt what your mama gave you” and flaunt they did.

  8. @Quintessence, seriously…I need to see to believe. LOL

    @modo, I am sure they are still sold somewhere in Kenya. Some of the older generation of mamas (60 +) didn’t get the memo.

    @Three types of Crazy, ati half slips?? Just keep flaunting and if you have to take a cue from Q…lol

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