Nye…Nye…Nye..boo…booo, ODM inavuuunjiika!

It’s not like I have anything against Raila & Co, I seriously don’t. Okay if you must insist I have something, actually a whole lot. And Klara plz forgive me lakini these ODM leaders are just cracking me up.

I knew exactly when their demise would come, when one of the aspirants asks ‘Hey mhh..mmhh(clearing throat / gathering courage) Hon. Raila – and please don’t take this the wrong way – would you mind ummm…supporting Kalonzo or X in order for us to beat Kibaki?’

Salaaaala….you can not understand how much I would sacrifice to have been in the room just to see the son of Jaramogi take that question. I have never suggested this but I would give up half what I will earn for the rest of my life plus my left one, just to witness Raila’s response.

You see everyone knows the following fact. For ODM to have a chance to beat Kibaki, Raila must back someone else. And this doesn’t take away anything from Raila it is just cold hard facts on the streets of realkenyanpolitics. I believe Raila knows this too, he might actually shock everyone and put his support behind Kalonzo.

I am telling you, according to unnamed sources (that The Standard Team referred me to), Raila had to be mentally restrained and physically chained to his chair so as not to unleash orange flavored mungiki-like grenades on the said president aspirant. How dare he? The son of Jaramogi gives up what, for whom? Hi tinga haitishiki!

Lakini Kenyans shouldn’t fret sana at the worst we will be stuck with old man Kibaki and we can force ourselves to feel better with minor improvements like 5% plus economic growth for the next 5 years, decreasing poverty levels, subsidized primary & secondary education, freedom of speech & media, better infrastructure etc…my guess is that we will be okay.


Just one item, an interesting story of a 40 yr old teacher who just married a 16yr old. What I wonder from this story is why the parents itikiad to consent the marriage.

Why not let her give you the silent treatment for another 2 years then she turns 18 and can choose what to do. And what is wrong with the mzee, seriously shouldn’t he be profiled as pedophile? I don’t believe a 16 yr old has the maturity to judge for herself on whether to marry or not and a 40 year old man should never decide or influence such a decision.

Anyway good weekend everyone, we again on Monday and unleash scandalous weekend vibe. Peace!

10 thoughts on “Nye…Nye…Nye..boo…booo, ODM inavuuunjiika!

  1. This one we saw coming from afar! And I hope Raila holds on to stubborness because I am bila shame, on the Kibaki camp. I just need a kasmall kajob, like passing out flyers or som’n to help this man back into power.

  2. aki ODM has never ending drama..they’ve fallen out??what now?

    on AOB-that’s a pure case of pedophilia-who is her mother?Shame on her!!

  3. LOL! Yenyewe lakini u r so right, ODM-K Has no future unless Raila backs one of them, bt mostly Mudavadi or Kalonzo..
    Right now, I have shifted camps to Mudavadi’s..LOL

  4. You would give your left what?
    Eh…to who? 🙂

    Enyewe, Agwambo should realize that being a presidential aspirant is one thing. WINNING the election is a totally different thing altogether, and I don’t see certain communities voting for him. I’m putting my vote firmly in Kibaki’s grasp.

    I still wonder what some people like Julia Ojiambo are STILL doing in the race. I mean, who’s she trying to kid? She can never be president! Let alone an ODM presidential candidate.

    Huyo mzee wa fortey, surely? The girl’s mother deserves a hot one on both cheekses.

  5. ODM’s biggest problem is its intellectuals, led by Prof Nyong’o. The group is full of academics and professionals who believe they can INTELLECTUALLY PLAN their party’s presidential race from start to finish. But no!!!! Kenyan political theatre is very different from their respective lecture halls and professional centers.

    Tinga should learn from Prof. Saitoti and declare that, There comes a time when ODM’s victory is more important than his presidential ambitions.

  6. @inexes, & JM, Amen! Kibaki Tosha!.

    @Mimmz, What I have been doing as part of my ‘Vote for Kibaki’ campaign is laying the facts as they are to anyone who is willing to listen. ODM though has also been helping us with their drama / confused agendas.
    betty said…

    @betty, shame on her mother and father too. I don’t get their whole reasoning to allow a child to marry a pedophilia!

    @Half ‘n’ half, yes my left one and if I am pressed, my right one too!

    @Miss Klara comes around. Lakini why shift from Raila to Mudavadi? Not that there is anything wrong with Mudavadi but I must say his chances are quite slim. Si you vuka sakafu and join us at camp Kibaki?

    @Archer, akina Julia are just enjoying the minor headlines they get. I am sure their whole strategy going into this is securing a high profile ministry. No way she believes she can win!

    @Kenyanomics, “There comes a time when ODM’s victory is more important than his presidential ambitions.” And that time is not NEVER for me – Raila Odinga

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