Thierry Henry signs with Barcelona

This can only be good news for us. Now if only we could bring Eto’o to join Drogba and take back the title that ManUseless is holding for us.

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17 thoughts on “Thierry Henry signs with Barcelona

  1. Long a sit’s not Theo Walcott who’s out..doesn’t bother me, i only watch Arsenal coz of Theo..second half only pliz.

  2. Sad to see Thierry go he was always a worthy adversary.
    Lakini 3N you are still habouring illusions of taking the trophy away from Old Trafford – Think again!

  3. I guess now that means Van Pussy will be the captain? LOL

    Ati holding for you? you thinks ati you will get it back? boooo hooo

  4. That was the best News I had so far in the football world! I love Barca n now we have another handsome face! :=)
    WOW! Will be sure to catch every match they play!LOL

  5. HENRY THEURI AKWENDE!!! I actually had a couple of celebratory White Caps last night when I read the Breaking News on BBC sports. Now Arsenal is finished. FINISHED! Ma fans wauze hizo THEURI 14 jersey au wazi convert kuwa mop!

    But now he’s gone to another team that I by virtue of being a True Blue, dislike. Barcelona. Si angeenda Milan ndio nimpende kiasi?

  6. @one dillusional Kirima, it is a known fact among humanity that Chelsea loaned out the trophy for one year. I hear that ManUseless fans have gotten cozy and are becoming increasingly conviced otherwise. I urge ye all ManUseless fans, enjoy it while it lasts!

    @Half ‘n’ half, I have said a prayer for U and Kirima. Wacha tu next year!

    @Klara, Barca will be good, although I hear Eto’o might be headed out to….Arsenal.

    @jm: yes, yes JM…those pesky bastards called ManUseless are done!!!

    @Archer: Someone should form a party and name it Arsenal and use # 14 as their symbol, I can tell you they would have more people in their Theuri’s t-shirts than you can imagine.

    I pray we can get Eto’o and pair him with Drogba. ChevyChenko can go back!

  7. onri? only i feel nada…liverfool be I…damu! but i have an arse-n-all buddy and vile alikuwa anaongea enyewe it’s a good thing he left…bana ATT was biggi mbaya. wacha aende kule aongeze ego kwa locker-room ya barca…

  8. whatever the case gooners will remain strong.viera went,arsenal remained.And no one is indispensable.our will not be shaken.Take heart.

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