nothing really

I need help in so many ways, its not even funny. But one that kbwer-misses can help with is my current BT status. I say because we are so many of us (see blog roll for links, at least 75% are on the BT), can’t we organize a BT only party and then mandate that no one leaves the hanye without getting some?

And I do not want to go all Paris Hilton on you but I know the bible teaches us to love one another, to share and offer kindness to each other.

Is it wrong for me to ask for my love & kindness to be granted by one hot kbw-miss and packaged as one hot night of heavy petting?


CopaAmerica has been rather a pleasant surprise. Mexico shocked the overrated Brazilian team, and the goals have been pouring in like a slut fest gotten way out of hand.

And Paris is out of jail and has found God, to which I say; That’s Hot!

But seriously how can she claim she read the bible the whole time in jail yet she has no favorite passage. In fact does she have A passage? I just pray that she found the real God and not a celebrity image recovery PR God.

Random Thoughts: Si every fokojembe has been doing one of these, why not this fokojembe? Here it go:

If Jesus died for our sins is there any need for us to die as well?

Why refer to a computer in a public library as a PC?

Prior to cell phones who was using all the airtime?

Wouldn’t be love at first feel be most appropriate for blind people?

Do animals blush?

Anyway that is it for this post and this week, Happy Furahi day everyone; this weekend has boring written all over it. But cheer up my peoples, cheer up!

24 thoughts on “nothing really

  1. Yes *Placards raised campaigning* let have that party!!

    And then can someone choose who to-u-know with? ama ni random bizness?

    Lets get off this BT train! hii stori ya neat beds ikwishe!

    Say it with me

    Alafu @ AOB – ROTFLMAO

  2. Just name the venue and the participants and I’m attending this BT only party.

    Who is Paris Hilton?

  3. @inexes, with my version of the party you can choose who you want, as a matter of fact you can choose more than one. start contacting akina cheri & betty, LOL

    btw kwani Dar hakuna raha, my estimate is that uko ni usiku wa Friday alafu you are still online…?

    @Bomseh, Paris Hilton is another slut…I mean young lady whose fame is credited with being in the Hilton family and also by her exceptional erotic film where she showcased numerous Oscar worthy performances.

  4. Hmmm BT party…thought to ponder!!!
    God helps those who help themselves is ringing through my mind for some odd reason…tee hee
    Honestly if I hear someone else say Paris Hilton I’m going to slit my wrests…ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  5. @Bomseh..Are u sure about Paris??
    @3N..Off course it’s A publicity stunt!
    That party am in no matter what, bt No 3somes & 4somes allowed!!LOL

  6. Why am i being contacted? hehe wewe 3N i’ll pinch you (Inexess’ def of kuchuna!)

    I will not attend that party unless he is attending.lool nani utaenda???

  7. i missed this how??

    this post was timamu, would have significantly brightened my furahi day … on the BT … niko jikoni …

  8. Eeeeh Betty, i’ll there!

    @3N, it was one of those fridays U just feel like enjoying your own company, of course assisted by yours truly – Tusker 12 pack ivi.

    Na alafu sato there was an office bash…..

  9. where have I been…al the best with getting off the BT in the way that you suggest.
    nway ‘If Jesus died for our sins is there any need for us to die as well?’
    the answer is you wont die if you accept Him

  10. @Quintessence, yes indeed it is essential to help yourself gently, softly & lovingly…oh and repeatedly!

    @betty, please rescue this train.

    @Kirima, invitations are on the way and for your safety do not attempt to drive to the party, we are arranging a flight for you…

    @aegeus, kwanza wacha mambo ya fokojembe, have you seen how you are being rendered useless to a female hospitable palace over at JM’s?

    @Klara, my name dictates that I only engage in 3somethings. As I have always told you though, you will always be the pillar of my 3some.

    @betty, inexess will be there with his Pringles for dinner ama ukitaka he can skip that and kula one ms. Betty.

    @jm, being on the BT can make people delusional and sometimes miss many things!

    @inexesses, how was your bash, ulifanikiwa?

  11. @3N. ZIIII!

    Just got back with a thorough aching body! it was a sports day & i tried to remember my Basketball moves… that ngt hata ningepewa singeweza….ningeiangalia tu…

    @Farmgal – am with u in prayers (after the bash lakini..)

    @Betty – i thot ‘nani’ was me….

  12. Can u get offthe BT train!! No better feeling than that…:)

    As for Paris Hilton…she is god blonde…ptuh!!!

  13. @inexes, no matter how much one has chokad energy for strokez can be unleashed at any time.
    Betty, I thought I was the only ‘nani’? what is going on…*sobs*

    @Unyc, you know of the kyuk proverb ‘kuruta nguo ni gwithamba’…that’s the point I am at with getting off the BT. Now what I need is….you know mana, lol.

  14. wolololololololololo! twedy wan?

    nani huyu anaharaka ya kushuka BT? mazee vile nimeona the other express trains zikiderail. though the ‘service’ idea sio ati mbaaaaaaaaaya. hehe.

    PC? public comp…perhaps?

  15. @gishungwa, there are many rematches to come…bring your A game plz.

    @modo psyked, he of the non-mungiki fame; kwanza naona iyo train at JM’s haifiki pia…kwani blogging siku hizi iko on delay. Pia mi nimeanza kuorganize part 1 of a never coming part 2.

    Na hakuna mambo ya ‘service’ mi nataka kushuka BT ASAP!

  16. 3N..and kwani you doubted that u were the ‘nani’??
    Noone is getting miss Betty there!! are!

    both confused?lool good.

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