Boiled Cabbage

For those who boarded primo and not at RVA we are all familiar with the staple of boiled cabbage. It was poorly disguised as fried lakini there is no way fried cabbage could have had ‘soup’ thinner than crystal clear water.

And this was supposed to go with ugali which least to say had its own problems. We used to have the following test to gauge the ideality of that day’s ugali.

You take a portion of ugali; roll it into a ball and swing at the nearest wall; if the ugali holds onto the wall you are dealing with sub par ugali to go with your tasteless cabbages and occasional piece of meat. And somehow I still miss those days.

American Politics (if you are not into American politics just skip to the next stanza)

There is no Dick like Cheney! I strongly believe that the US is in the 7th year of the Cheney presidency. What is amazing is how much balls this Dick has proven to have. I tell you if I was starting a cut throat company such as ummm….Halliburton…I would hire none other than Cheney as the chairman.

Case in point, the Scooter Libby trial. It is a fact that Cheney’s office obstructed justice by destroying the career of a CIA operative just to get back at her husband. What is even more startling but nevertheless believable is Bush’s quick action on saving Scooter time behind bars. And this is what makes the Cheney Republican Party quite impressive.

You can dilly dally around the middle line trying to appease undecided / independent voters (Kerry, Clinton, Obama and the like) or you can stick to your guns, put on your cowboy hat and fire on to rule America for 8 years. It’s the Cheney way, its not pretty but it sure does work.


Will ODM ever choose their presidential candidate? They keep pushing back the date and I have had to postpone 3 ‘The Day ODM Broke Up’ parties. Or are they getting cold feet as we near the elections. Or maybe its because they don’t have any unique vision to offer Kenyans other than a revised Vision 2030 with minor changes to names and times. I eagerly wait.

Interesting story of “A Canadian mother (who) has frozen her eggs for use by her seven-year-old daughter, who is likely to become infertile.” The girl if she chooses to use her mother’s egg would be both the sister of the child and the mother. I don’t know where this is going from a societal moral perspective but I now its makes me quite uncomfortable. I think if you cannot have a child naturally, society will be better served if you adopted a needy one instead of using IVF.

Thinking Out Loud

If we discover aliens doesn’t it mean we are smarter than them since we discovered them and not vice versa?

Does the world really need a spice girls reunion and tour?

And how many times will Raila launch his presidency bid? Is a Kisumu, Kakamega, Thika etc launch in the pipelines?

Lastly will Unyc ever put up part IV? Let me go and find out….fingers crossed prayers in process….

20 thoughts on “Boiled Cabbage

  1. I went to a part boarding/part day primary school. I was a day scholar. But because of the late hours for prep and all, I might as well have been a boarder! And yes, we had that ugali, cabbage and meat immitation you speak of. Memories!

    You really have to hand it to Chenney. Like him or hate him, you sure do know where he stands on issues.

    I was happy when I saw a Unyc post, only to find it’s not part 4. And it’s directed to the ladies at that!

  2. Boarding i dont miss!

    alafu 3N, have u considering some of your armies? u never know, a foot/pole/baseball bat/unyc* cud meet your soldier & his commadoes damaging thr goods forever…!

    *karate moves

  3. I remember the boiled cabbage, yuck!! Lakini I used to live for the day when I had serving duty cos you could skim the top layer and keep it for yourself as well as collect all the pieces of meat.
    Unyc is just teasing us. Ngoja tuu

  4. Boarding I miss nada!!!! Of course we had boiled cabbage (chopped randomly with a panga) and the occasional piece of meat per week!

    About ODM, I’m sick and tired about hearing of their “Crisis meetings” in every single news bulletin from dawn to dusk. Can they just break up already seeing that they’re not going anywhere in a hurry?

    I kinda liked Spice Girls…stop hating!

    That post for Unyc….still waiting. But has it been overshadowed by Mwas’s post?

  5. Those cabbages were never cut! aki it was like three strikes of the panga so you ended up with one huge leaf on your plate..Aii and i have a bad taste in my mouth remembering them!

  6. @egm, unyc is chezaing with guys, just like archer I am betting JM updates the BT stories before UNYC does her thing.

    @inexess – if I see any kbw miss with a base ball bat approaching base camp, I am surely puting on my protective gear…those are precious goods.

    @archer & betty, I had forgotten the Panga what a way to prepare a meal. and the moiko for the ugali used to be almost 5 feet tall.

    boo hooo @ nusu nusu…I once pitiad RVA on my way to visit a relative, does that count?

  7. eeeeieee! kwanza I hate cabbage, boiled/fried….. .

    ditto on Cheney. Look to at the deflection it caused on Putin’s visit– little attention to that after the pardon was announced. I was upset though that the Libby pardon took center stage instead of Obama’s fundraising dollars 😦

    And on the Canadian woman, wow! That’s strange.

  8. listen to the White House– “White House tell Libby critics to knock themselves out.” Bush’s last day are proving to be quite entertaining!

  9. iwas not in a baording school while in primo but high school and i skia all about the boiled cabbage. Never had such.

  10. @Kirima Aki u be patient…u dont want 2 know what happens 2 u..LOL

    @Archer Mwangi is trying 2 deviate attention from my post…i will kill him.

    @3n Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…i swear!! uuuuu!!! U better hide….am gonna hit u with heeegggs from hennnns like the 3 heeen u r!!

    @EGM U refused 2 comment on that guy!! Is he a hank..lool

    @Excess Ati what!!…lakinio with the rate 3n is going, i cn do that.

  11. @Majonzi, I am surprised how much Obama is being able to raise more than Hilary especially because of Hilary’s past political connections through Bill. Hopefully Obama’s resources will translate into visibility and votes for the Democratic Party nomination.

    “Bush’s last day are proving to be quite entertaining!” – wait till he attempts to pull out of Iraq, then it will be really funny.

    @K.I.P.U.S.A, one of these fine day get a panga and slash a cabbage, put in salt water and boil for dinner. Quite the experience.

    @Unyc, kwanza I do not appreciate you posting my pic on your blog without ulizaing permission. And then you still haven’t updated….do you want us to come to Nai to force you to pen part 4? 🙂

  12. I can’t kuja right now but my representative will be there in a few weeks with strict instructions on Part 4 and ‘other duties as advised’. lol

  13. ngai !!

    hmmm … 3N, haiya, can I also be a representative … I’d love 2 “execute the other duties as advised” … hehee…

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