Gender Biases

There is a question that has been lingering on my mind since Saturday. After Venus Williams won at the Wimbledon she jokingly referred to the fact that she was particularly happy with this win because for the first time, the prize money for women and men at Wimbledon was equal.

And this left me wondering, how comes it wasn’t equal for all those year; at least for the last two decades or so? Is there any justification in a sport like tennis where women garner as much profit for the tournament as men that men’s prize money was higher than that of women?

Is this a more telling pattern about our society than we would like to believe? Do women still get discriminated because of their gender?

And throwing out any statistics (i.e. women to men earning ratio), do you personally as a woman experience or have ever experienced this form of discrimination? For men have you observed any discrimination based on gender? Hopefully you have not participated to discriminate…

18 thoughts on “Gender Biases

  1. women do not deserve equal prize money at wimbeldon. They play less sets and shorter games but still want to get the same amount of money!
    Equality my ass! More like favoritism for nagging about it! Besides let’s keep it real, if it wasnt for the short skirts no-one would be watching women’s tennis anyway.

  2. Aco loool

    ok,to be honest if what Aco is saying is foreal why should they have the same cash prize for doing much less?if it’s anything about equality..well that’s not equal!!

    Anyway at times i’ve applied for jobs and been told..sorry,i’d prefer a man..and that wasn’t written on paper when they advertised that vacancy plus its a jobo anyone can do!!is that an example ama it doesn’t apply?ama am just paranoid.

  3. @aco, are you serious or being sarcastic?

    @betty, it only applies if you feel the decision not to hire you was made entirely based on the fact you are female

  4. @ 3N
    I’m being for real! Men play much longer and much harder then women, so I guess men are now being paid less for more work.
    @ betty
    I dont condone it but sadly if the employer makes a choice there is little you can do esp if you are in Kenya with it’s archaic laws regarding the issue.

  5. @Aco, what about in a corporate setting where statistics have shown women to earn up to 23% less than what their male counterparts earn.

    no one can argue that men work harder and longer in the office…

  6. wow aco, true to form. no comment there.

    3N, gr8 commentary. there are continued stats on women being paid less than men. Look at Hillary Clinton, and the kind of crap she is receiving. See, male Democrats would rather vote for Obama than they would Hillary. Let’s watch and c.

    I work for an insurance company and I see it all the time, “men work so much harder than women.” As a black woman sometimes I don’t know why I am being passed for a promotion, race? gender?

  7. i] is Federer more of a champion than Venus? si they both won wimbledon?

    ii] more is not necessarily better

    iii] And if the issue REALLY is about men being paid less for more work, then why not reduce the best of 5 to a best of 3 … this would DISMANTLE Aco’s argument that:

    “women do not deserve equal prize money at wimbeldon. They play less sets and shorter games but still want to get the same amount of money!”

    “if it wasnt for the short skirts no-one would be watching women’s tennis anyway”

    How about you speak for yourself? Some of the stuff the likes of Justin Henin and the Williams play out there is sheer skill, and unless one doesn’t appreciate or understand tennis, such a comment is highly disrespectful … but then again who is surprised? I see the comment for what it is; deliberate mischief aimed at stoking controversy … pure academic thuggery …

  8. still on this tennis manenoz:

    what shot can a man make that a woman cannot?

    forehand? backhand? overhead? half-volley?

    the only difference is that men can on average generate more velocity on the shots … but last time I checked, they were not paying them on “how hard” they hit shots … coz if that’s the argument, then Andy Roddick would be the richest tennis player …. how cynical do we want to get?

  9. Unfortunately we still view jobs in gender terms e.g tech jobs are for men and nurses, nannies are sissy jobs. When most women apply for jobs that are “male” the pay rates are not the same. I do not think that equality can be achieved.

  10. The fact that the playing time for men is longer doesnt justify less pay. The tickets are sold at the same price at the end of the day.
    Nway in uk its on paper that women earn 20% less than men doing the same job!
    How is you 3N?

  11. Equal money for equal work…i am against this sijui affirmative action…go get the job on your own merit…fair and square…aiii!!…same prize money for less games…shame!!

  12. On prize money I agree with you on the equal pay thing. The money generated by the tournament is mainly from gate collections and TV revenue which has nothing to do with the No of sets played and after all the womens game attracts more media attention and hence more revenue.

  13. WOLOLO Aco…I shall not touch that with a ten foot thingamajig! Ok no pls allow, yes men do play best of 5 while women play best of 3…who set these rules…a bunch of men I suppose, who probably were sitted on a round table and wouldn’t listen to the meek voice of the woman because they ‘rule the world’

    Women are treated as second class citizens and equality is far from reach. AND when there is seemingly a break-through in bridging the gap then we have persons who claim that we don’t do as much to deserve equality or that since ‘women’ went to Beijing they’ve seemingly grown horns….BOLLOCKS!!!

    James Brown said it best…This is a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans world!!!

  14. @Majonzi, in an office setting I do not see how anyone can argue that either men or women work harder. It is just ridiculous.

    @jm, I agree on your sentiments, there is no way you reward ‘harder play’ unless you measure each swing and velocity etc.

    @Aco, there is a bigger issue that I would like you to address if you may; is there any scenario of equal measure that one would justify men being rewarded higher than women.
    Leave out tennis or golf or whatever and let’s get back to the basic day to day work, is there a legitimate explanation for the advantages that men enjoy??

    @gishungwa, I think eventually equality can be achieved. But what is necessary in gender discrimination as is with racial, civil society has to actively keep this issue in the light; otherwise everyone will go about their business as long as they are not affected personally by it.

    @farmgal, good point you raise…if the prize money is to be different then the tickets to watch women should definitely be less!
    Oh, I am alright farmgal, just toiling & living.

    @aegeus, you say you are against affirmative action? Is it your opinion that women or minorities are not systematically disenfranchised? And that to bridge the gap affirmative action is necessary?

    @Quintessence, another good point. The rules are set by men so it is quite obvious that they will favor….drumbeats please…MEN. Its unfortunate really because in the long run society suffers from any kind of inequality be it based on gender, race, nationality or whatever.

  15. I agree with Kirima at Wimbledon prize money should definitely be the same since both men and women generate revenue at par. Kila mtu anafaa kuvuna alichopanda No discrimination

  16. This debate never ends. This inequality might never end. Christians always want to relate to Adam’s story and/or ways of the old where women learnt in silence with all submission. Now that ways are changing things also ought to change but change is not easy.

  17. There are lies, lies and damn statistics! First of all women are usually paid less even in the West because usually work less hours, less riskier jobs and don’t negotiate well in most cases. Look at all the risky well paying career, they are all male saturated. If women put in the time and risk they’ll get the cash.
    Plus I still maintain the arguement on Wimbeldon. When women play games as long as men with as many sets then they can make the arguement for equal pay or shall we give them the same amount of money because they are women? Men play 5 sets while women play 3. Equal pay for equal work is indeed evident there! Or are we now basing the pay as some people put it on the audience that they draw? Yes many people come to see women play but let’s be honest is it because of their flawless stunning technique or because of their looks? I mean look at Anna Kounikova, she was a major draw but when was the last time she won anything other than an endorsement deal before she quit?
    Enough wading in feminist propaganda

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