Cruelty to Animals

Two guys are walking down Kenyatta Ave when one of them stops and asks the other, ‘jamaa, is of how your chile has kataad to unleash for me like that; si you show her to organize, we are buddies bwana!’

Family and friends are meeting in the evenings at Makutano bar, his remains rest at Chiromo. A date is not set for the burial but the funeral committee advises it will most definitely be a closed casket.

Thinking Out Loud:

How comes if a guy has sexually engaged mob sawa chilez his profile is highly regarded while the same can’t be said for a chile?

If it was only up to them to continue humanity or the world comes to an end; how convinced do you think mother Theresa would be that the Pope is not using ‘end of the world’ as an excuse?

Do you think what we write on blogs can be used against on judgment day? I really hope not…plus I figure with characters such as Michael Jackson and the ODM Council of Elders, God has to have a sense of humor.

Every African should read this story on African Aid and Celebrity saviors with misguided or intended ill intentions.

And finally a bizarre story that actually contains actions that show cruelty to animals. It’s amazing how creative people can get for their high.

11 thoughts on “Cruelty to Animals

  1. lol, didn’t get the first joke!

    as for chiles being held to different standards from jamaas… hmm, what else is new?

  2. I await the day when Africa is seen in a different light, of course we have problems, who doesn’t.
    Have a nice Weekend.

  3. The other jamaa’s chile must be the real b omb athawais his friend wouldn’t have risked life like he did au sio? Lakini one m an’s meat is his meat and can’t be shared knowingly.

  4. Talk of double standards!
    That story on Cruelty on animals, is shocking! Strange things happen in this world!

  5. I read that Bono article and was hmmm…ok thats why entities like The One should be eradicated…it’s a perpetuation, in my opinion, of ‘let’s save the Africans by giving them loans/aide, and then set embargos on oh so much for the poor Africans’
    Incidentally July Vanity Fair has some rather interesting articles on AFRICA…

  6. @jm, my weekend started jana now I have to figure out how to kill this Friday workday.

    @majonzi & princess, nothing else is new but do you think women can do more to change how society views them?

    @gishungwa, I think we might be the generation that experiences a different Africa. We will have to work hard at it and hope politicians do not derail Africa’s progress.

    @Bomseh, “lakini one m an’s meat is his meat and can’t be shared knowingly” Amen – this is my weekend motto!

    @Klara, very strange stories, I couldn’t believe it was true had to double check other sources.

    @Chatterly, i tell you cruelty is wrong especially on animals…

    @Quintessence, another point that a friend raised is imposing policies on African countries that cannot work and even worse make Africa more dependent on Aid.

    That’s why I am excited about the new generation of African leaders (the few they may be) that are governing on their own terms and using trade rather than aid to propel economic growth.

  7. Kwani those peeps share the mama?
    When a man has sex with a woman he is taking, when a woman has sex with a man she is giving. So you get more respect for giving rather than taking.
    Not fair is it?

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