The Last One

Unless a tag has to do with hanjaamz, stripers, shotoz, city kanjo or flooding or ODM; I am not filling out another one.

Anyway I was tagged by JM (I heavily suspect he is avoiding toboaing that storo for wailing but do I say?)

Rules are for suckers and I aint one of them, so here go my eight:

8. I have strong faith in God but I seriously doubt some of his messengers.

1. I lie; but only harmless lies with no long term negative implications.

2. I am not sure but I think I might be a bullshitter at times.

6. I love life so much it’s not even funny. I sincerely believe I am having the best time on this earth out of the 6 billion plus people.

3. I am lucky, I am also abundantly blessed.

7. I am overly optimistic and do not like negativity.

5. I am a private person yet outgoing. An extrointrovert of some sorts, comfort zones mean a whole lot to me.

4. In my younger days I was a shepherd for my grandfather’s sheep. We would often force sheep to mate, just for the fun of it.


20 thoughts on “The Last One

  1. Not much with me and mating – its just a natural process that is both exciting and recommended by 4 out of every 5 people.

    The 5th person is usually a priest and seriously ignoring his better instict.

  2. lool at I have a strong faith in God but seriously doubt his messengers- well said. But are they His messengers?

    That you are ot sure about “bullshitting” surely must confirm that you are ama?

    Loving number 6, I wish I could live my life like that- that isa great way to live. YOU ARE BLESSED, notmany people can pull that off.

  3. LMAO..enyewe you were ahead of your time..that shagging business had ingiad you to the marrow!!

    how lie lol at least am forwarned!lol and now am doubting some of ure posts lool ebu i soma archive again.

  4. hmm, interesting list. I don’t think there are any “harmless lies” though. not for me anyways.

  5. @1, hey a kie is a lie hakuna point ya kuji-justify ati ni harmless.

    @4 LMHO-laughed my heart out

    @3 and i feel you on that one

  6. Hata mimi we used to herd my grandmother’s goats lakini hapana, forcing to mate?? LOL. The most we did was chase them down the hill so we could here the bells…

    No.5, sounds just like me. I’m an extro-introvert and a creature of comfort. Hm…

    Ta for passing by mine 🙂

  7. Dude, as you got kicks from watching sheep f#%$? Do tell, how many times did you ingilia the action? sema ukweli tu!

  8. Wambui,

    I beg to differ …

    Imagine uko kwa bus stop – doing what people do @ bus stops – ok … ur jamaa hasn’t fikad yet. Then suddenly you see a man running like a maniac without his shirt, with a terrified look on his face, looking wearily behind him. Just after the bus stop, kuna kona mbee, dude takes left and bolts like he has wheels. A few seconds later, you see another guy running towards you, dreadlocked, yielding a machete, baying for blood… he stops and asks you, which direction did that kubaff go, I am drinking his blood today … would you rather tell a “harmless lie” or a “harmful truth” … chaguo ni lako.

  9. @3TOC, to live happy is simple all you have to do is look around you and know that you are very priviledged compared to most of society.

    Appreciating what you have should be more important than yearning for what you do not have.

    @Chatterly, there is much more to 3N than # 4….I hope.

    @betty, the posts have been true. Trust me.

    @Wambui, there are harmless lies and definitely every one of us is guilty. See what JM wrote.

    @K.I.P.U.S.A, a lie is not a lie.

    Lying you were late for jobo coz of traffic is very different from a father lying he was mugged kumbe he just kunywad and spent on prostitutes what was supposed to be his daughter’s school fees.

    @Jadekitten, we also chased them down the hill and rode them up the hill. I guess our shepherd crew was just more malicious.

    @Half ‘n’ half, there is no animal hell we used to eat most of them.
    @Unyc & inexess; we were kidos the thought of ingiliaing in the action never occurred.

    @jm, I couldn’t have asked about harmless lying better. Let’s see how ms. Wambui handles this.

  10. pepo la ngono naliona humu pia tsk..nimeliacha liki sumbua ndugu mwangi..sasa ata wewe n wot is this word veri-wotever telling me?ati oaajouks?drats, i guess thats the noise u make in yua obsessions right?ignore the perceptioNNNs n get back to reminisce on the days…u assited sheeps to bleat, sorre mate…

  11. How on earth do you force sheep to mate? do you show them sheep porn or something I don’t get it.

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