Mating Sheep

A great concern has arosen from the previous post on how sheep mating works. Kirima asks” How on earth do you force sheep to mate? do you show them sheep porn or something I don’t get it?” While Aegeus adds on “Ati force sheep to mate? How? HEhehe!!” and no inexess we were never tempted to touch or join in the mating.

He he he all you want, this is a serious matter and no kirima sheep do not respond well to porn. Let me explain what boyflani would term as assisting sheep to bleat. Consider yourself warned though, it could get ugly quickly.

Several facts to keep in mind; a male species whether alien, sheep, your local Juma or even a male fly; is always in mating season. Two, we the shepherds were young at heart and naughty in soul and had too much time and boredom on our hands.

You will need a female sheep (waithera), several strong boys (the shepherds), a male sheep (steady) and an appropriate venue (two trees close enough that a sheep cannot ponyoka). – I really wish I had a drawing to demonstrate.

You take the yet to be willing waithera and hold tie her in position between the two tree. Then you usher in a more than willing steady and voila you have yourself an arranged sheep mating. Repeat process until all waithera’s are satisfied or steady has clearly given up.

That is how you mate sheep.


13 thoughts on “Mating Sheep

  1. Boy, am I glad you never herded elephants!!!!!!!

    can we call what you did ivf of some sort?

  2. Thank you for obliging kind sir. I can see the possibility. Now about that sketch. Hebu draw and scan in. I tried to join the dots and i dunno if i have the correct image in my head. Heheheh!!

  3. Aaaah now you remind of another species which requires human assistance to mate. Camel.

    The thing is (or so they say) the male ‘commados’ faces backward so during mating, a human is required to point it to the right direction. Ole wako if you dont remove your hand haraka….!

    PS: U are panelist for a certain vacant position. Details on my blog

  4. LMAO…

    What about those storos which used 2 go round about Chics being ninid by dogs?

    Then another storo ati a chic was raped by monkeys huku Kenya.

    I never believe this aki.

  5. “…..always in mating season.” You can’t use the word mating and season that way in one sentence with animals. They only mate when in season. So even those stories that chiles were hammered by monkeys or other animals are hoax.

    But the stories about men hammering animals, it has even happened in my village.

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