i don’t know either

1. Where is your cell phone…next to my keys, loving this new nokia, I think this one is a keeper.

2. Relationships…just lovely.

3. Your hair….Short

4. Work… no comment.

5. Your sister….so dear to my heart

6. Your favorite things….family, friends, strokes, pints, chilez,

7. Your dream last night…none.

8. Your favorite drink….water, orange juice, amstelizi and soco-lime

9. Your dream car….none in particular

10. The room you’re in….cubeville @ work.

11. Your shoes… normal.

12. Your fears….too many, dying usually tops the list.

13. What do you want to be in 10 years…..content with my success.

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend…..family & friends at a my good pal’s wedding.

15. What are you not good at…..quite a number of things

16. Muffins? No thanks.

17. Wish-list item…Nairobi, Dec.

18. Where you grew up…wangige / East Lansing / still growing.

19. The last thing you did…fill out #’s 1-18

20. What are you wearing…casual work clothes (pants, shirt, white tee, boxers, socks, shoes…etc)

21. What are you not wearing… sun glasses.

22. Your favorite pet…chicken, was quite delicious last night.

23. Your computer…connects me to the world.

24. Your life…on a scale of 1-10 (10 being utopia), I will give it a 8.5.

25. Your mood…a 4.5

26. Missing…Nairobi, Kenya.

27. What are you thinking about….my baby

28. Your dream car…..will have 4 wheels and get me from point A to B

29. Your Ex…..she is ok. Staying focused…# 27.

30. Your Favorite Item… depends on what needs to be done. It can range from the commander and his two soldiers to plain ol salt.

31. Your favorite color….blue by far.

32. Last time you laughed… a few hours earlier.

33. Last time you cried…for what?

34. School….done and dreading going on.

35. Love…Is a beautiful thing.

Add ons

36. Favorite school….primo, Musa Gitau

37. Next meal…rice & beans

38. Any pain….only when you press it

39. Two words…END, DAY!

40. Kibaki or ODM….ODM for drama, Kibaki for President.

41. Alicia Keys or Ang. Jolie…BOTH

42. Choose one please…ummm, BOTH, please?

3 Random thoughts

How comes God doesn’t forgive Satan?

What if Lucy cheated on Kibaki w / Raila?

And can a suicide bomber call in sick for work?

13 thoughts on “i don’t know either

  1. hmm great list 🙂 the things i’d want my dream car to do – well, that is why it remains a DREAM

  2. lol atii why does God forgive satan…..then again, I actually think I know the answer to that……because Stan tried to make himself equal to God

    what if Lucy cheated on who with who….that would be too easy, she is too busy doing some other SERIOUSLY crazy stuff.

    Interesting list and finally a blogger who posts with full cloathes on….ahem gish, egm nawegine.

  3. Nice list we are actually the same on #36! LOL on random thoughts also wondering do suicide bombers practice first before the mission?

  4. Typical of 3n! LOL Bt Rice n Beans?? That’s new, am amused!
    Ati If Lucy cheated on Kibaki with Raila?? LOL! the White house would be in chaos n ODM-K Would win the elections!!!

  5. What with ” –if !supportList– 42. !–endif–“??

    Am off to do my own list…. eish uwezi kuni-out-do ivi!

  6. Raila has better taste than that. Look, the Hummer, Ida(I thot she was aiight), The House (Did u read EVE when IDA was the cover girl? It was there. It is a one storey building with an elevator not lift!)Kibaki si very kawaida typical kikuyu male out there.

    Come to think of it! God & Satan. Should I be tempted to believe there is no hell! If God forgave Satan?

    Am getting a new job. Am going to be suicide bomber. Its very lucrative.

  7. @chatterly, are you sure you are talking about a car or a your dream machine?

    @3TOC, even if he tried to make himself equal, aren’t we advised to forgive no matter what?

    @Gish, na ona unajitetea…crucial pieces of clothing were missing I must say. Ama its feelanga free?

    @Kirima, LOL @ practice. you know what else they should practice on, how they will handle the 72 virgins promised on the other side.

    @Klara, I am thinking about cutting some nyama from my diet, its hard though.

    @inexess, iko wapi list yako?

    @—Supreme-G.R.E.A.M—, thanks for pitiaing through. Btw Raila taste in women is OK, its his taste in politics that is questionable.

    Lakini enyewe if God 4gave satan then there wouldn’t be no hell and everyone can do whatever they want.

    Make sure you get some of the virgins here on earth before executing any mission.

  8. i see u have a new generation modified 3G list lol si kama ile ya kina Klara hehe

    3TOC is right! shok shok..lol.. satan tried to be His equal..and that my friend goes beyond forgiveness!..i think.

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