I know relationships can spring from anywhere including virtually lakini I have always been iffy iffy about e-love. I have a pal who met his chile on hi fizzle and their relationship is working fine but still…

And i remember during college guys always scouted and landed mamas from social network sites. Of course it was the typical exchange program – on the bigger side white chicks looking for some Negro loving – and that is fine by me as long as the end result is good strokez and not much more.

Can you imagine if you best man’s toast goes something like this; “when jimmy told me he met waithera on mashada and he showed me her pics, I could tell right away she would make a wonderful wife”

And let me put a disclaimer coz it’s always easier to be misunderstood than understood. I know this might hit close to home for some kbw’ers, no harm intended, just a discussion.

Anyway what do you all think? Ever been involved in one, would you? Do you believe in E-Love?

19 thoughts on “E-love

  1. That is true, they can originate in all places, but the motives are what matter and the commitment to the relationship namna hii…

  2. @ inexess, I will check the list.

    you don’t want to say anything that can be used against you in a court of bloggers??

    @farmgal, If you are with the suitable person love shouldn’t involve too many risks.

  3. my guess is that in the not too distant future kila kitu kitakuwa E. E-tickets, e-mail, e-churches, e-sijui nini, ata album sasa ni e (facebook).so in E years time maybe I will have a view on E-love

    my view- love (bila e) is an action and it’s a choice- I am not sure why they call it falling!

  4. I believe in e-love. I have been in e-love for the past like four years. Difference is that I didn’t meet them online. They either left me for far away places or in the most recent of the cases I left for this far away place. Can I shed a tear or two in here?

  5. Kumbe agias you have good advice on rlationships. Amen.

    @3TOC, yani you don’t jua they already have virtual churches. And followers (of who / what) can choose characters, dress them up, and go in chuch and sit next to whomever they want.

    e-love should be well under way.

    @We, Captain kwani how many e-lovers do you have? Pole no tears we got to stay strong and concentrate. Focus on the corner store damsel.

  6. bomseh, 4yrs? hiyo ni love basi.

    3N: i don think it matters wher you meet the chik/guy..bora you penda the person,as in love in its’ most pure state.

  7. you only know if they are right for you when you meet. I think love should come after the actual meeting not before.

  8. e-love is one thing spending time with a person , one on one is another whole issue. It is then that you meet the real person, then you can talk of love. The same for long distance thing.

  9. @3TOC
    Wacha Siasa! LOL
    Anything is possible in the E-World!! Never be surprised!!! U see even that 3-some u were asking could just have happened had not been u to chicken out!!
    Seriously. I believe in that, as long as there’s commitment & communication!!
    Great Wknd!!!

  10. Hooking up online is just one of the way people meet nowadays so thats cool but for real love the 5 senses must be used. BTW is it wrong to cheat on your e-lover? (even with a real one)

  11. .. ..
    my biggest swali is how can you love someone you juas nothing about them? cuz most of the time people over-rate themselves kwa mtambo ya interneti ..

    so me ,just like the famous vegas saying ..I Go like . what happens in E-land Stays in E-land my friend wachira would say fimbo ya mbali haliui nyoka….


    @Farmgal, I concur there I cannot believe anyone who believes they fell in love virtually.

    You can be infatuated and then after physically meeting the person and getting to know them further then and only then can the L word be use.

    @gishungwa, I agree – see above.

    @Bomseh – update on the project? Thanks for the direction to sheep mating advisory board.

    @Klara,I didn’t chicken out…I thought the 3some was under wrap? Who was the other mama btw? Good weekend too.

    @kirima, are you saying you cheat on your e-lover with a real msichana on the ground? Of course it’s not wrong it is actually recommended. What is wrong is cheating on your real mama with an e-lover…bad behavior.

    @Kip, once again I agree – people highlight their goodies and lessen their unwanted traits on the internet. Get to know the real person before love is pronounced. Kweli kabisa!

    @Unyc, it does? LOL
    Anyway it’s a matter of whether it’s actually love or infatuation which will develop into Love. Please enlighten us ms. unyc

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