This is my initial attempt to tune WP hopefully ataniskiza. By the way I am starting to belive what people have been telling me for a while that 3nspeaks = beer + sheep mating + sex and just maybe its time to rerax on some of that.

Trust me pints na wasichana hawaendi mahali, I wouldn’t know what to write about. It will just be the same stupidity in a better format.

So welcome to 3nspeaks at WP.

Good weekend everyone.

18 thoughts on “Werokamu

  1. o if I follow you here will this be e-love? housewarming?

    housewarming ni next weekend wacha kwanza bibi na watoto settle in kidogo

  2. Haiya yah! U cant leave us??? Everyone’s moving woiyee!
    Bt these looks sawa! So enjoy ur new diggs! and don’t forget the house warmin bash!!

    pole klara mi nimetoroka, lakini at least I know there is someone over at blogger if this new chile doesn’t work out

  3. its kinda tricky to work WP but thats 8-4-4 was designed to handle

    i am trying, am not settled on the theme et al, i will see how much my mathabu from std. 7 helps

  4. Braza, karibu huku suburbia….. Bash is when??

    My fridge is stocked!!!

    bash is next sato, bring a lot of soco, pilsners, viceroy etc

  5. Eish, si basi nianzishe moving service ya ma-blogger…kuna mashifta wengi…

    karibu. keep the WORD coming PREASE…hehehe..werokamu…sheep? LOL!

    the word itaendelea and ashante baba taifa for leading the WP journey. alafu mbuzi kondoo zangu wachana nazo.

    kwanza nasikia zinauiliwa ovyo ovyo over at jm’s

  6. Welcome to this other side of blogging. I get amused by your articles. Very well written.

    thanks phassie, I will try to keep them interesting

  7. me likey…whats the storo w the goats?

    haaaiiya eh? mbuzi tena? they are the flock that lead my heart…or something of the sort

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